Jul 142010

Twilight Eclipse promotional artworkTwilight was written by author Stephenie Meyer in 2005, she followed this up with New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, the books tell the story of Isabella ( Bella ) Swan and Edward Cullen and the movies were adapted from these books.

Iin the first movie Bella moves to Forks, Washington to stay with her father while her mum travels with her new husband, she falls for Edward, but soon learns he is in fact a vampire.

New Moon introduced us to a rival for Bella's love, Jacob Black, he is a werewolf, we were also introduced to Victoria who is seeking revenge for events that happened in Twilight and we get to see The Volturi who are a powerful vampire clan.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse follows on from the events of the first two movies, Victoria has created a newborn vampire army and is still seeking revenge against Edward Cullen, she intends to kill Bella, will she succeed! I certainly won't spoil things by revealing any more but fans of the novels already know the answer.

Regarding fans of the film series, some are unhappy about the movie versions and the adaptations of the books, there is an online petition asking for Breaking Dawn to be rated R.

The wording of the petition can be read below.

It is understood that not only is Breaking Dawn rated R in the book, the director should produce a film that mirrors it's book in original form that is greatly loved by females (and some males) all over the world. Losing major details of the movie will definitely hurt the release of Breaking Dawn and disappoint fans everywhere.

The problem here is that Stephenie Meyer's contract with Summit Entertainment decrees that the movies be released as PG-13 rated, she does not want these movies to be harder hitting and feels the novels have a young fan base and the movies should reflect this.

I feel the petition is pointless, these movies do great business because of the very fact they have a younger fans and because they are PG-13, an R would damage box office, it's true that Breaking Dawn has more mature themes but these can still be told in the confines of a PG-13 certificate.

Breaking Dawn is being split into two films despite the fact the novel barely has enough material to cover one.

This movie franchise is a cash cow for Summit and they wish to make a few more bucks before it finishes, thus two movies to finish the series are better to maximise profits.

Meanwhile The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is doing phenomenal box office business, it cost $68 million dollars to make and has currently taken over $450 million dollars at the worldwide box office, it still has a long way to go to catch up New Moon which took $709 million worldwide. The other thing a new cinema release does is promote the other films in the series and sales of Twilight and New Moon have been given a huge boost on DVD and Blu Ray.

Robert Pattinson seems to be under some pressure from being in a hit film franchise, he almost seems embarrassed by the success of the Twilight movies and has stated in interviews his desire to escape being typecast. He seems ill at ease with the fanbase of The Twilight Saga.

He should relax and enjoy the fame while it's there. In Hollywood you are only as big as your last movie and they treasure box office success more than anything else, you can have a successful movie career without worrying about box office but money talks in Hollywood and hit movies give you control of your future with the ability to choose film projects and have more creative control over scripts and the choice of directors, although Pattinson does not yet have this level of creative control it is there for actors who are fortunate enough to have box office appeal.

The Twilight movies are more of a love story than horror, they will disappoint you if you go in expecting full blooded horror, instead you should watch these movies as a love story set in a fantasy world.

The first Twilight film was mostly shot in and around Portland and Oregon with New Moon and Eclipse being shot in various locations around Vancouver, Canada.

Forks, Washington has seen a surge in tourist activity thanks to these movies.

After the Twilight movies end you can fully expect the usual extended editions of each film to hit the marketplace as the studio tries to make a bit more cash from the franchise, in the meantime you can enjoy The Twilight Saga: Eclipse playing at a cinema near you today.