Nov 092014
The Definitive 3D Blu Ray List!

There have been countless arguments about what makes great 3D, for me it has to have both depth and popout, the list i am compiling will give viewers a guide to the very best 3D titles you can buy on the blu ray format, i will also mention some of the worst and split the list into animation and live action.

Oct 302013
Disney Animation And DNR

Disney Animation And DNR. Disney wants to make all their classic animated film titles look super smooth, the issue i have with all this is that to achieve this aim they need to remove the film grain, when you remove this you remove fine detail and end up bluring the image, the degrain tool when overused defocuses everything, what was once sharp and detailed becomes soft and blurry.

I stopped buying Disney animated films after the release of Bambi.

Jun 012013
Films With Real Animal Cruelty

Films with real animal cruelty, there are many featuring animal abuse on film. I intensely dislike the very real abuse of animals that feature in some movies, to this end i have made this post to highlight the atrocious acts carried out by some filmmakers against animals while making their movies. The subject is far too wide to discuss at length in one blog post so i will concentrate on five movies that shocked me and that i know to feature abuse of animals onscreen.

Aug 142011
Blu Ray - Where Is The Quality Control ?

I have always found Sony to release the most consistent and high quality blu ray releases, their back catalogue titles generally look as they should and are the best, i found an interesting article with Grover Crisp who is Senior VP for asset management, film restoration and digital mastering for Sony, this is a guy who understands quality control, while talking about the release of Taxi Driver he had this to say about the subject of film scanning. I found his views interesting and very refreshing.

May 092011
Wordpress Plugins - My Top Ten

Wordpress plugins. Too many plugins will slow your site down and some plugins are not compatible with the latest edition of Wordpress, ok you may not want to update to the latest edition of Wordpress, big mistake, security holes exist in older versions and you should always update for that reason alone, let’s say you once had 40 plugins installed but de-activated and uninstalled 25 of them, you might find your site is still slow, the reason is that these plugins could still be in your database, click to read more information in the post..

Mar 112011
Charlie Sheen - Porn Stars, Drugs And Tiger Blood

Now Charlie Sheen has always been a bit of a hellraiser, as far back as the eighties he was doing everything he is doing now, the difference is that your body and mind can only take so much and Sheen may find the effects of his wild partying are coming home to roost, certainly prolonged exposure to cocaine can have severe mental and physical effects and sudden death can result from taking this drug.

Jan 052011
Real Sex Scenes In Movies!

Real sex in movies. The actress Mira Sorvino was quoted as saying that a well known actress in a well known film had sex with her co-star because she fancied him, Miss Sorvino did not name the actress so it’s all open to speculation, Sex scenes in movies are usually choreographed meticulously and then shot slowly over the course of many days or even weeks.

Jun 252010
Disappointing Movie Sequels

Sequels have been around as long as film and you can go back to the 1930’s and you will find sequels to King Kong, The Thin Man and Tarzan. Film sequels are not new. This is my top five of movie sequels which disappointed me.

Jun 052010
Werewolf Mythology And Movies

Werewolf Mythology. In Greek mythology, Lycaon was transformed into a wolf as a result of eating human flesh, this brings up an interesting theory that tales of werewolves were used to explain serial killers as it was thought inhuman that one person could kill so many or commit such atrocious acts. Wolves were hunted mercilessly throughout Europe.

Apr 072010
Jedburgh - The Death Of A Town

Jethart Snails which is a sweet can still be bought in some of the local shops and the Jedburgh Callants Festival is held every year and features much horse riding and pipe bands. Hundreds of years ago Jethart justice was notorious for having you hanged first and then tried afterwards.

Apr 052010
Film Revisionism - Why Change Is Not Better

In 1998 cinematographer Vittorio Storaro proposed the Univision format, his idea was that television and cinema would merge and everything would be framed at 2.00:1, unfortunately he also decided to revisit past films and crop them to meet his vision of the future.