Blu Ray Screencaps – Rio Bravo

Blu Ray Screencaps of Rio Bravo. – The problem with this release is its re-using a transfer optimized for HD DVD and comes in at around 23GB, thats low for a film running around 2 hours and twenty minutes long. Warner try to keep the bitrate very low in a number of scenes, i believe to do this they needed to filter out some of the film grain and along with it some of the high frequency image detail, Its not all bad news, there are a number of scenes where the film grain is better resolved and seems intact, for those scenes the bitrate is higher and image detail improved.

Blu Ray Film Reviews – Rio Bravo

Blu Ray Film Reviews – Rio Bravo. A powerful rancher’s brother thinks he can kill a man and get away with it but he reckoned wrong, Sheriff John T. Chance arrests him and vows to hold him until the Marshal arrives but its going to be a long wait and the rancher’s hired guns are only too willing to shoot a man in the back for a gold coin. The Sheriff must hold his prisoner and all he has for help are a crippled old man, a drunk and a young gunfighter, he also has more than just a little interest coming his way from a woman called Feathers. Can Chance hold out or will he die trying.