Mar 302010
Blu Ray Screencaps - The Cradle Of Life

Angelina Jolie brings Lara Croft to life in Tomb Raider and is perfect casting for this role, there are rumours that they are planning to bring Lara Croft back with a younger actress playing the part.

Feb 252010
Blu Ray Screencaps - Push

I enjoyed this movie and thought the image quality was very good. The film reminded me of the television show Heroes and the director was fond of closeups which showed great detail on this blu ray disc. I didn’t see any compression issues which stood out to me and most people will consider this disc excellent.

Feb 132010
Blu Ray Screencaps - The Golden Compass

I am not totally convinced that the look of most of this film is not intentional given it’s fantasy world setting but i also don’t rule out DNR by New Line.