Oct 312013
Movie News-Three Days To Kill In Theaters Soon

Kevin Costner plays Ethan Runner, an agent who works for the American secret service as a hit man, he is dying of a terminal illness and decides it’s time to reconnect with his daughter, the good news is they have an experimental drug which could save his life, the bad news is they will only give it to him if he completes one last assignment, this involves taking down a top terrorist, so with daughter in tow he sets out to complete his mission.

Sep 212010
Christina Aguilera Joins The Cast Of Burlesque

Christina Aguilera makes her film acting debut in Burlesque, she plays a girl called Ali Rose who travels to Los Angeles and finds works as a waitress at the Burlesque Lounge, as it turns out Ali has a fantastic voice and has ambitions to perform at the club.

Sep 142010
John Cusack Is Edgar Allen Poe In The Raven!

I am getting pretty excited about a new film called The Raven which will be based on Edgar Allen Poe and his pursuit of a serial killer who murders people in a similiar fashion to the writer’s stories, John Cusack will play Edgar Allen Poe.

Sep 132010
Tom Cruise Returns In Mission Impossible 4

Paramount are thought to be seeking to reboot the franchise and have cast Jeremy Renner as a younger agent and part of Hunt’s ( Cruise’s) team, the thinking is that Paramount see Renner as an ideal future replacement for Cruise.

Sep 062010
Shark Night 3D Casting News

In Shark Night a weekend away turns into a horror show as a freshwater shark goes on a cold date with Sara Paxton, they watch Finding Nemo and then it’s onto the main course, that’ll be raw paxton with some water!

Aug 232010
Flying Tiger Heroes

In 1942 John Wayne made a movie called Flying Tigers about the exploits of the 1st American Volunteer Group who helped China fight the Japanese, now John Woo is directing a remake called Flying Tiger Heroes.

Aug 102010
Jason Statham Is The Mechanic

The film remake of The Mechanic see’s Jason Statham taking on the Bronson role and Ben Foster playing McKenna, it appears to be following the plot of the original closely and the director is Simon West who has previously directed Con Air.