Apr 022010
Iron Man 2 News And HD Trailer

In this Iron Man sequel the American goverment demands Tony Stark hand over the secrets of his iron Man suit and a mysterious stranger called Ivan Vanko ( Mickey Rourke ) plans revenge against the Stark family.

Apr 012010
Blu Ray Screencaps - Iron Man

Iron Man took me by surprise because i wasn’t expecting it to be such a fun movie when i viewed it and instead of the usual dark and moody hero we have a character with an altogether more positive attitude which i like. Robert Downey Jnr was perfect casting for the role.

Nov 302009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Iron Man

A Blu Ray Film Review of Iron Man. Tony Stark is a playboy genius and while in Afghanistan demonstrating a new missile system which his company created his convoy is attacked and he is captured by Afghan rebel forces. He uses his knowledge and creativity to build an armoured suit to escape. On his return home he immediately halts all production of weapons of mass destruction and secretly begins working on a new armoured suit which he uses for good.