Jun 092014
Blu Ray Screencaps - Phantom Of The Opera

Phantom Of The Opera hails from 1943 and used the three strip Technicolor process, there have been numerous version’s of the story made for film and television including a silent version from 1925 which starred Lon Chaney.

Aug 122011
Blu Ray Screencaps - Legend

This is a much delayed post, i will have a blu ray film review of Legend out soon to compliment this particular post, expect also to see some blu ray film reviews of Rio Bravo, The Invasion and Vera Cruz and although i have not been as active of late with this site i will continue to update some posts with new information and write new articles and reviews when time permits, you can view some blu ray screencaps of Legend below.

Jul 062011
Blu Ray Screencaps - Charade

Blu Ray Screencaps – Charade. Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant star in the Criterion collection blu ray release of Charade, directed by Stanley Donen and featuring a stellar supporting cast which includes James Coburn and George Kennedy, you will find a link to a blu ray film review in this post.

Jun 112011
Blu Ray Screencaps - Face/Off

Blu ray high definition screencaps of the German edition of Face/Off. You will find my feelings on the film and my impressions of the quality of the BD release in my film review, this page gives you movie screencaps and BD info regarding average bitrates.

Apr 062011
Blu Ray Screencaps - Gladiator

Gladiator was first released on blu ray in 2009, unfortunately for discerning viewers, there was a huge amount of digital noise reduction ( DNR ) and edge enhancement ( EE ) on the transfer and scratch removal tools had removed arrows and spears. Throughout 2010 Universal/Paramount slipped replacement copies onto shelves containing a new pristine transfer. In Europe the new release was labelled a 10th anniversary release and potential buyers could easily see it was the new transfer.

Mar 212011
Blu Ray Screencaps - Dead And Buried

Dead And Buried is a horror film directed by Gary Sherman from from 1981, there was quite a bit of behind the scenes interference which resulted in more gore being added to the film. While not quite entering the realm of classic horror movie territory, i still believe it has some good effective moments. As far as image quality goes well i do believe it resembles the original filmed look and i must mention the brilliant artwork on the blu ray cover.

Jan 242011
HD Comparisons - Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart stars Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern and was directed by David Lynch, this is the UK edition of the film.

While listening to the movie whenever someone talks we get sound through all three front speakers instead of just the center channel, this happens on both the MGM dvd and blu ray editions, i have been informed that the USA dvd edition had a mild echo effect with dialogue at a much lower volume from the left and right speakers.

Tthis version still sounds very good to my ears.

Click the picture to see a detailed blu ray/dvd comparison.

Nov 222010
Blu Ray Screencaps - The Sound Of Music

The Sound Of Music has been lovingly restored for it’s blu ray release, they scanned the 65mm interpositive at 8K and then downconverted this to make a 4K master from which this release is taken, the original camera negatives are in too fragile a state to use.

Oct 282010
Blu Ray Screencaps – Alien

Alien is a classic film from 1979 and really put director Ridley Scott on the Hollywood map, the film also gave us a strong female hero with Sigourney Weaver playing Ripley. Some of the science in Alien such as hyper sleep chambers has really been discussed for long space journeys and adds some authenticity to the film.

Oct 272010
Blu Ray Screencaps – Lost Season Six: Disc Five

This is it then, the end of Lost, the very final episode, i can’t say i was expecting what they gave us for an ending and i must confess to at first being a little disappointed, on reflection though it is the perfect type of ending for this show considering where the series went with it’s plotlines.

Apr 062010
Blu Ray Screencaps - Hart's War

Blu Ray Screencaps of Hart’s War. The transfer to Blu Ray seemed good at first but as the movie went on i began to notice issues where the grain structure was not so well resolved and some blocking was noticeable in a few backgrounds.

Mar 302010
Blu Ray Screencaps - The Cradle Of Life

Angelina Jolie brings Lara Croft to life in Tomb Raider and is perfect casting for this role, there are rumours that they are planning to bring Lara Croft back with a younger actress playing the part.

Mar 272010
Blu Ray Screencaps - Black Sheep

Black Sheep is a fun tongue in cheek horror movie from New Zealand about genetically modified experiments which result in sheep roaming the countryside killing and eating people.

Mar 242010
The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy On Blu Ray

People who have viewed the films are complaining about DNR and the filtering of the high frequency picture information, filtering is usually done to make it easier to encode the picture information onto the disc.