Jun 112011
Blu Ray Screencaps - Face/Off

Blu ray high definition screencaps of the German edition of Face/Off. You will find my feelings on the film and my impressions of the quality of the BD release in my film review, this page gives you movie screencaps and BD info regarding average bitrates.

Mar 212011
Blu Ray Screencaps - Dead And Buried

Dead And Buried is a horror film directed by Gary Sherman from from 1981, there was quite a bit of behind the scenes interference which resulted in more gore being added to the film. While not quite entering the realm of classic horror movie territory, i still believe it has some good effective moments. As far as image quality goes well i do believe it resembles the original filmed look and i must mention the brilliant artwork on the blu ray cover.

Jul 092010
Blu Ray Screencaps - Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith are both assassins, they work for rival agencies, one day they are both assigned to kill the same man and discover the truth about each other and their agencies assign them the task of killing each other! I enjoyed Mr & Mrs Smith and would love a sequel, i’m glad i imported this edition as its not available as a directors cut in the UK or North America.