Blu Ray Film Reviews – The Silence Of The Lambs

Blu Ray Film Review of The Silence Of The Lambs – A serial killer known as Buffalo Bill is abducting young women and skinning their bodies, the FBI’s hunt to catch the killer has reached a dead end and the only hope lies in the mind of the brilliant but psychotic Dr Hannibal Lecter. Jodie Foster was aided in her research for the role by FBI agent Mary Ann Krause, Krause told Foster that sometimes the work is so overbearing that a good cry can help with the stress the job brings. They show this in one scene where Starling cries while standing by her car.

Blu Ray Film Reviews – Jason And The Argonauts

Blu Ray film review of Jason and the Argonauts. Jason and the Argonauts has everything you could possibly want in a fantasy movie, the plot is interesting and it has a beginning, a middle and almost an end, getting Bernard Herrmann to do the music score was also a stroke of genius, Herrmann’s score is very satisfying and really makes the film special. Ray Harryhausen considers Jason and the Argonauts his best film work.

Blu Ray Film Reviews – Kung Fu Panda

Blu Ray Film Review of Kung Fu Panda. Po the Panda works in his “fathers” restaurant but secretly yearns to learn martial arts and unwittingly by pure chance one day becomes the chosen one when the evil leopard Tai Lung escapes from prison and heads back home for revenge and so Po must fulfill his destiny and save his village and their way of life.

Blu Ray Film Reviews – Any Given Sunday

Blu Ray Film Review of Any Given Sunday. Tony D’Amato has spent his entire coaching career with the Miami Sharks American football club and is now worn out and tired and his best quarterback has just been injured at a crucial time of the season which results in a rookie quarterback being given the chance to shine. The rookie unfortunately does not listen very well to orders and the coach also has to deal with the new team owner who is secretly plotting major changes behind the scenes.