Oct 192011
Blu Ray Screencaps - The Lion King

Blu ray screencaps – The Lion King. I thought the elephant graveyard scene had some fabulous animation with smoky dust visible in the air as the young lions are pounced upon by the hyenas, obviously some of what you see in these scenes is computer animation mixed with traditional animation but it works so well. The musical number, I just can’t wait to be King, featured bright and psychedelic animation which reminded me a lot of a sequence seen in Dumbo.

Oct 122011
Blu Ray Film Reviews - The Lion King

Blu ray film reviews – The Lion King. Scar seeks to dethrone Mufasa and kill Simba, the heir to the throne, using a pack of hyenas he plots and deceives until tragedy occurs and young Simba is tricked into thinking he killed his father, fleeing for his life, Simba is exiled, years later he encounters his one true love, Nala, they head back home to confront Scar and fight to end his reign as the lion king.