Jul 312013
HD Comparison Images From Charade

HD Comparison images from Charade. The Criterion collection blu ray release of Charade and the Universal blu ray release of Charade were both created from a 35mm interpositive, they are identical in image quality, check the screencaps in the comparison out you will note a few specks here and there at exactly the same points on both discs.

Jul 062011
Blu Ray Screencaps - Charade

Blu Ray Screencaps – Charade. Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant star in the Criterion collection blu ray release of Charade, directed by Stanley Donen and featuring a stellar supporting cast which includes James Coburn and George Kennedy, you will find a link to a blu ray film review in this post.

Jul 022011
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Charade

Blu Ray Film Reviews – Charade. There is wonderful use of lighting in this film, you can see an example in the image to the right, the director of photography was Charles Lang, he had worked with Audrey Hepburn before on the film Sabrina and would work with her again on Paris When It Sizzles, How To Steal A Million and Wait Until Dark, Lang had been in the industry many years and was an experienced DP, his work on Charade is not his best but it is very good.