Nov 092014
The Definitive 3D Blu Ray List!

There have been countless arguments about what makes great 3D, for me it has to have both depth and popout, the list i am compiling will give viewers a guide to the very best 3D titles you can buy on the blu ray format, i will also mention some of the worst and split the list into animation and live action.

Mar 262010
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D

Blu Ray Film Review of Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D edition. Impressive 3D effects fly out of the screen at you. A Journey to the Center Of The Earth sequel is being made also in 3D. If you want to have an adventure for a few hours and think you would enjoy the type of effects mentioned in this review then seek this disc out and purchase it before it becomes as extinct as the dinosaurs which features in this movie.