Aug 032010

RoboCop image - RoboCop Remake NewsThe money issues at MGM have seen a number of film productions postponed or axed and that includes the next James Bond movie and The Hobbit. A buyer is being sought for the troubled studio and now the latest MGM production casualty is the remake of RoboCop.

The original 1987 film version of RoboCop was directed by Paul Verhoeven and is set in a future Detriot where crime is out of control and the cops are finding it increasingly difficult to do their job.

A company called Omni Consumer Products ( OCP ) who own the Detriot police department have designed a crime fighting robot called ED 209 to help the police only it has some software bugs that need ironing out as in it has a habit of shooting innocent people dead, OCP decide ED 209 is just a little too dangerous and instead they push ahead with the RoboCop program.

When Officer Alex Murphy ( Peter Weller ) is fatally shot ( an understatement ) while on patrol he is used in the RoboCop program and his memories erased, RoboCop is a success in cleaning up crime but the memories of his past life are coming back and he is more than just a machine.

Darren Aronofsky was going to direct the film remake but has now pulled out and with the studio still looking for a buyer there is no chance that a new director will be brought on board to make the movie. Aronofsky directed such gems as Requiem For A Dream, The Fountain and The Wrester and is a very good director who could have made a good, gritty RoboCop remake.

The RoboCop trilogy is being prepped for a blu ray release later in the year and that should satisfy fans of the film series although the third one was somewhat poor and the PG-13 certificate meant the violence was toned down. ( big mistake )

It's also likely that at some stage the RoboCop remake will happen, it just won't be anytime soon, perhaps when MGM find a buyer it may get the go ahead again albeit with a different director.