Jun 192010

Resident Evil: Afterlife pictureResident Evil: Afterlife is the fourth movie of the popular zombie series and it opens in September, it was made using the Pace Fusion 3D camera system which was used to such good effect on Avatar.

Returning from previous installments of the film series are Milla Jovovich as Alice, Ali Larter as Claire and Sienna Guillory makes a welcome return after last being seen in Resident Evil: Apocalypse, she plays the part of Jill Valentine.

The world has been infected by a deadly virus that was released by the Umbrella corporation, Alice meets up with her old friend Jill Valentine and along with Claire they go to Los Angeles only to find the city overrun by zombies and she might also be walking into a trap set for her by Umbrella!

This will be the first of the Resident Evil films to be released to IMAX screens, let's hope it's proper IMAX screens and not the low resolution screens currently masquerading as IMAX and literally fooling many into believing they are getting the true big screen IMAX experience. I am not a fan of IMAX as i believe the process films undergo in order to be converted for IMAX is very damaging to the original look of the movie.

I have enjoyed all the Resident Evil movies to date and in particular the first and third ones, i think Resident Evil: Extinction is the best of the series to date, it had an entertaining script, good camerawork and direction and some very good action sequences, it also had some closeup scenes of Milla Jovovich's face being digitally smoothed out to hide spots, a strange decision since medium shots show these spots clearly and the digital airbrushing just doesn't work.

Alice runs into a few zombies in Resident Evil AfterlifePaul W.S. Anderson returns as director, he was also at the helm of the first film, i hope he has resisted the urge to shoot for a PG-13 certificate, these type of movies should always be R certificate. Mr Anderson is from Newcastle in England and is married to the star of these films, Milla Jovovich.

The Resident Evil film series is known as BioHazard in Japan and this will be the first movie based on a video game to be specifically shot in 3D.

Director Anderson said in an interview "I was looking for, basically, what 3D can look like and for 3D film making techniques. I watched horror movies like My Bloody Valentine and things like that, but I also watched Beowulf and other computer animated movies. I watched Coraline with stop motion. I saw everything. What I was interested in was finding the right 3D. Cameron had streamed a chunk of Avatar for us and it was just fantastic.

"It was obvious that he was just making an incredibly groundbreaking movie. For us, what was really, really interesting, was how the 3D imagery was just above and beyond anything we had ever seen before. I always loved the idea of 3D and went to see all the movies in the 80's and 90's. But I always felt like it was an idea that was waiting for the technology to catch up with it. It never really worked. Then I saw what Cameron had shot with his PACE camera rigs and thought, Wow. Finally, this is what 3D should look like. Finally, the technology has caught up with the idea. But Cameron kind of has a theory that it's a window into a world beyond the screen. He likes the depth but doesn't like things breaking the screen's surface." Milla Jovovich - Resident Evil Afterlife movie news

"So I watched all the movies and I have to say that, in terms of use of 3D, the one that I really liked was Coraline. Because Coraline has a lot of depth in it but, every so often, they break the screen's surface. It's always in action, but it's justified by the story as well. So it's not like old school 3D where they poke something out and they stick it out there. Where they're just doing it for effect. Coraline is always driven by the action and, because of that, I thought that it's a way to make use of the positive space out in the audience if it's driven by the action or dictated by the story. That's the approach we tried to take. We don't just use it as a window into a world. We have things coming out. But when it's justified. We tried to be restrained with it, but we also tried to have fun with it."

Talking more about Resident Evil Afterlife Anderson said "Well, we are primarily a live-action movie with visual effects. So we are different than, say, Avatar which is a 70 percent animated movie. There are full-on CG images where everything in the frame is CG in this movie, but there are only about 15 of them in the whole film. The rest is a hybrid between live action with visual effects and just straight live action. Which is why I felt we really had to shoot it 3D. Because it is primarily a practical movie. A lot of creatures are really there on the set. The executioner, for example. Sometimes he's enhanced with 3D, but primarily he's just a big-ass dude with nails driven through his head. He's really there. When he's smashing through things, he's really smashing through things. That's all practical effects. I felt we really had to shoot in 3D to capture that, probably.

Anderson also spoke about the continuation of the Resident Evil franchise and new movie Afterlife, "I've always meant for the movies that, hopefully, if you're a fan of the franchise, it's a satisfying continuation. But if you don't know the movies, you can still watch the film as a standalone film. When we last saw Milla's character, she was heading to Tokyo to take vengeance on Umbrella and on Wesker and that's exactly where we pick it up. So the first act of the movie is all in Tokyo. It's like a three months later kind of deal. Then we switch to Alaska, which is where we saw Claire and the others headed to. Then the movie moves down the western sea coast of America and moves to Los Angeles."

Hopefully it will be entertaining and if it makes money you can expect a Resident Evil 5.