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The actress Mira Sorvino was quoted as saying that a well known actress in a well known film had sex with her co-star because she fancied him, Miss Sorvino who won a best supporting actress Oscar for Mighty Aphrodite did not name the actress so it’s all open to speculation but i would imagine it’s not the first time it’s happened while shooting a film.

Real sex scenes in movies don’t usually happen, sex scenes in most American made films are typically choreographed meticulously and then shot slowly over the course of many days or even weeks, there is no chance of an actor or actress getting too turned on in these circumstances.

When Basic Instinct was filmed, Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone both choreographed the moves that were to make up their sexual scenes, you end up with a shot being filmed for twenty seconds and the director yells cut, that’s a take, then it may be a lunch break and then maybe a day later they film some more of the scene and in the end it’s all edited to make it appear seamless, that’s typical of a sex scene in a Hollywood production.

real sex scenes in movies - Tricia Helfer imageHollywood films are usually very tame and reserved when it comes to explicit sex on film, the all important R rating only allows so much to be seen or done and theater chains in North America tend to not show NC-17 rated films thus studio’s will not make a film too sexually charged as they need the all important R rating, there have been exceptions to this rule.

Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls was an NC-17 release, it’s sex scenes tend to be rather tame though, indeed the pool scene is funny when it should be sexy and daring, the film actually seems quite juvenile in the way it features sex and the human body, still it’s a fun movie as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

If we were to go back to the seventies though you can find examples of American films which do feature real sex, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song is directed by and also stars Melvin Van Peebles, he had real sex in the film and contracted a sexual disease, don’t expect to see anything too explicit though as it wasn’t filmed that way.

John Waters directed Pink Flamingos and it features drag actor Divine performing real oral sex on a male co-star and Caligula is notorious for it’s real sex scenes although these scenes were shot by the producer and not by director Tinto Brass.

The Japanese film In The Realm Of The Senses had to be classified as a French film because of strict Japanese laws at the time it was made and for a short while it was banned in North America, it features real oral sex and other explicit scenes and in Japan it was optically censored so the more explicit sexual scenes were hidden, the film can now be bought fully uncut on blu ray under the Criterion label.

In 1980, William Friedkin who directed The French Connection and The Exorcist made the movie Cruising with Al Pacino, the film originally had 40 minutes of very graphic footage showing gay anal intercourse, fisting and oral sex, Friedkin wanted to restore this footage for the DVD release but could not find it, he thinks the footage was destroyed, in it’s original form it’s probably the most sexually explicit film featuring a leading actor to ever get made.

French director Catherine Breillat is no stranger to controversy and real sex/sexual acts have featured in a number of her films. In Sex Is Comedy, an actor spends most of the film with an erection, a prosthetic penis was used.

Devil In The Flesh was made in 1986, there is a brief scene of real oral sex involving Maruschka Detmers, i think Detmers was a good actress but perhaps because of that one scene she was ostracized in North America and unable to really find good quality film work over there, maybe she also said no to the casting couch and if so then good on her as too many untalented wannabes get great roles due to sleeping with the producers.

Larry Clark likes to feature actors who look under-age in his films and in Ken Park he filmed many explicit sexual scenes, he later said that all the scenes were simulated except one, i think he is full of shit myself and i think he has a very unhealthy obsession with youngsters.

In The Brown Bunny, Chloe Sevigny performs oral sex on Vincent Gallo, much was made of this scene but i think it was a prosthetic penis, he made sure it was a big one too, i’m also sure the guy looks in every mirror he passes. Sorry Vincent but it just didn’t impress me much, you made a boring film.

The most explicit mainstream sexual film to ever get made in the UK is 9 Songs, the director Michael Winterbottom went on to make the impressive A Mighty Heart with Angelina Jolie, in 9 Songs, Margo Stilley performs oral sex on actor Kieran O’Brien, has real actual sex with him and basically lets him finger her, tongue her and screw her brains out, she used the money given to her for the role to pay off her student fee’s, the film is very explicit but even so, most of the really explicit scenes were never seen and the BBFC declined to allow the additional sex scenes to be released as deleted scenes on the DVD many years ago, one day they will make a sequel and call it by a better name, maybe student prostitution.

More recently the likes of Shortbus features a well known Canadian tv personality, Sook Yin Lee performing real sexual acts and Antichrist has real sex taking place although it is body doubles being used for Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, that last film didn’t actually need real sex and why use body doubles, either film the actors having real sex or don’t but to insert hardcore shots is in my opinion amateur hour and something that should never be done.

Boundaries will continue to be pushed and films with real sexual content will continue to be made, in some instances there may be artistic reasons and sometimes it will just be a case that the director wishes to cause controversy, see Gasper Noe for the latter, it’s unlikely mainstream Hollywood stars will ever really allow themselves to be filmed having sex for a film but European stars may do so and will not be so shy and retiring, one must also ask a question, why is it okay to show a guy getting his head blown off in graphic detail but showing his erect penis is considered by some to be obscene and unacceptable, why is the MPAA ( USA Censors ) so scared of naked flesh but they allow copious amounts of onscreen violence!  Hopefully things will change and the future will see an end to this type of censorship.

Tinto Brass films are an example of this where scenes are explicit but faked, Intimacy is another example of this although it does feature a mild fellatio scene, some movies such as Boxcar Bertha have real sex but are not explicit and Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange have a hot and heavy scene in The Postman Always Rings Twice, it’s fake but they look to be having fun.

A book by Hollywood executive Peter Bart claims the sex scene between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie in Don’t Look Now was real, he says he was on the set when the scene was filmed, Sutherland has always denied it was real, it’s interesting though that Mr Sutherland was in the editing room and that he apparently wanted some of the film footage destroyed, he got his wish, the conspiracy theorist in me would say the scene is real but maybe Mr Bart is trying to sell a book and controversy is good publicity. My suggestion is that you go watch the film and make your own mind up.

Some television shows such as Tell Me You Love Me featured very explcit sex scenes which left some wondering if they were real, they were not but they were filmed to make you believe they were real, Michelle Borth features in some highly explicit scenes and actress Sonya Walger appears to actually masturbate to climax her co-star, how they filmed that without doing it for real is a mystery as you see it onscreen but if television shows such as this can make the act of love look so real then why does Hollywood consistently fail to make the sex scenes interesting, probably due to that R rating which doesn’t allow much to be seen and the NC-17 rating is prohibitive because theater chains won’t show the movie, some of these shows and films can be purchased, i have sourced the cheapest versions for you to buy.

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