Jul 032013

Razer make very good mouse controllers, their latest is the Razer Ouroboros, it's well named since the meaning of Ouroboros is literally something always re-creating itself, Razer of course constantly do this and are innovative in mouse design, this product is expensive but has some unique features and lightning fast response times, i also like the fact it's wireless, i simply cannot stand using wired mouses and the same goes for keyboards, of course if you dislike wireless and would prefer to use it wired then you also have that option, it's very flexible in that regard.

Razer Ouroborous mouse​The Ouroboros is run by a single AA battery which supports 12 hours of gaming, of course batteries never really last as long as they claim but it's easy enough to buy some rechargeable ones and have a supply ready when the battery dies on you, probably wise to change it for one which has been recharged every 8 hours or so thus you won't run the risk of it losing it's charge during a frantic gaming session, the mouse features an 8200dpi 4G dual sensor system, this is a laser and optical sensor with far more control than your average mouse.

The Razer Ouroboros wireless mouse also has a dedicated clutch trigger, this allows you to decrease or increase the DPI for pinpoint accuracy, you can also save custom profiles to the mouse which is useful for different games, it'll fit all hand sizes no matter your grip and has 11 programmable buttons, i think it looks super cool and it's one hell of a gadget if you are into gaming on your PC.

The company who make the mouse have this to say about the Razer Ouroboros.

Never before have we shipped a product that looks anything like it's concept sketches, because at Razer, we keep refining, reviewing, and renewing our ideas to perfection.  The Ouroboros, an ancient symbol of a snake eating it's own tail is the embodiment of this cyclical, endless concept, and the inspiration behind the naming of this elite gaming mouse.  It is not just the representation of the process we take to design a product to fruition, but also the mouses physical ability to morph in an infinite number of combinations to suit one's hand.  That's how we created a mouse with infinite possibilities and configurations, perfect for  every gamer out there.

I would rather see a company try to achieve greatness with their products and possibly fail than one which simply rehashes the same technology every year, "cough cough, Apple IPhone, cough", i think Razer have succeeded in making an excellent mouse, new firmware has fixed some of the issues with the wireless mode and you always have the wired mode to fall back on, you can buy the Razer Ouroboros mouse from Amazon USA here or from Amazon UK here.