Feb 272011

I'll be posting a screencap comparison between the American and French editions of True Romance sometime early this week along with my thoughts, reports at forums have suggested the French edition is too bright, that's nonsense, the Warner edition is muted and the colours look wrong and that's before we get onto the subject of DNR and smearing, the French edition is brilliant and film like and retains the film grain, it's a massive upgrade for anyone who has the Warner edition or is just seeking a film like presentation of the movie. Anyway thats for the week ahead, lets get back onto the main subject which is the poll and quiz results

It's the end of the month so i have updated the quiz and added a new poll to the site, you can take part in both by going to the home page, the quiz is on the top right sidebar and the poll is on the left sidebar. Only two Unknowns ( no name given ) and Barry Norman all from the USA got the answers right in my film quiz, many tripped up on the Tombstone question, Kurt Russell was the ghost director of that one, more info and a link to a brilliant Russell interview are below.

Quiz answers:

1 – Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for The Blind Side

2 – The Missing Word was Werewolf – An American Werewolf In London

3 – Which Of These Characters DID NOT Feature In Batman Forever! – The answer was Catwoman

4 – Actor Gary Oldman Was Born Where! – The answer was London

5 – Which Of These Films Did Alfred Hitchcock Direct! – The answer was Spellbound, thats my own personal Hitchcock favourite.

6 – German Director Fritz Lang Directed An Early Silent Classic Film But Can You Name It! – The answer was Metropolis, that film has recently been released on blu ray.

7 – Kurt Russell Directed The Western Tombstone! – Although George P Cosmatos is listed as the director, Kurt Russell was behind the scenes telling him what he wanted done, more info by clicking here.

8 – Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy night! – Name The Film That Line Comes From. ? – The answer is All About Eve.

9 – Alicia Silverstone Was! – The answer was Clueless, the person who clicked Psycho made me laugh.

The Poll Results: The Best Film Of 2010.

I forgot to include The Social Network in the poll and that film would have garnered some votes as it was you decided Inception was your favourite film of 2010.

1) Inception

2) Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows

3) Other movie not listed in the poll