Nov 212009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Outlander

Blu ray film reviews – Outlander – A spaceship crash lands in Norway during the time of the Vikings. The humanoid survivor is called Kainan and is taken prisoner and held captive in the local village but something is out there killing and norsemen and outlander must join forces and hunt down the creature responsible and bring peace to the land. All is not as it seems though and just who is the real victim, is it man or beast!!!

Nov 192009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Star Trek

Blu ray film reviews – Star Trek. A Romulan mining vessel arrives from the future intent on revenge and destroying the Federation. On Earth the USS Enterprise on her maiden voyage is dispatched by starfleet on a rescue mission after receiving a distress call from the planet Vulcan. Can the Enterprise and her crew save the day and live for another star trek!

Nov 172009
MGM To Be Sold Off - Financial Issues

The current issues with MGM are holding back many big budget films, The Hobbit and the next James Bond film are both currently delayed, Peter Jackson hopes to start filming The Hobbit later this year but the next Bond film is now indefinately delayed.

Nov 162009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Poltergeist

Blu ray film reviews – Poltergeist. A young family in a new neighborhood experience strange events in their new home. The events become more frequent so the family call in paranormal investigators. The spooky events get scarier and more alarming and then their young daughter Carol Anne disappears. Could they have a Poltergeist in their home!!!

Nov 062009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - The Dark Knight

Blu ray film reviews – The Dark Knight. Batman sets out to destroy organized crime for good but a new threat emerges in Gotham City and Batman along with Harvey Dent and aided by Lt. Jim Gordon are forced to deal with the chaos unleashed by an anarchist known only as the Joker. Friendship and love are put to the test and sacrifices are made so good can triumph over evil.

Nov 062009
G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra

Out now on Blu Ray is G.I. Joe: Rise Of The Cobra. The film is directed by Stephen Sommers the man responsible for bringing us such movies as The Mummy and Van Helsing and my personal favorite Deep Rising.

The film features Dennis Quaid and Sienna Miller.

Nov 042009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - My Bloody Valentine 3D

Blu ray film reviews – My Bloody Valentine 3D – There is a cave in at a small town mining company and five people are found dead. One miner is found alive and in a comatose state and his name is Harry Warden. Evidence recovered at the scene suggests that Harry went mad and killed the five miners found dead. Cue one year later and Harry wakes up from his coma and the local law enforcement finds a hospital massacre.

Oct 282009
Hilary Swank As Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart went missing while flying her plane across the Pacific and there are many rumors on what actually happened to her including reports she was captured by the German army or that she was a spy and was given a new identity.

Oct 262009
Gladiator Comes To Blu Ray

Gladiator has been released in a much hyped Sapphire series meant to represent the very best image quality. Fans of the film are less than happy about this release. Now Paramount has begun a Gladiator disc exchange program.

Oct 252009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - The Professionals

Blu ray film reviews – The Professionals. An arrogant Texas millionaire hires four mercenaries to rescue his kidnapped wife from a notorious Mexican revolutionary bandit. Each mercenary has a specific skill needed for the mission and two of them have personal inside knowledge of the bandit having worked on his side in the past. The mercenaries discover that not everything is as it seems and the mission becomes more personal and dangerous than even they could have imagined.