Jan 202010
Blu Ray Screencaps - The Gauntlet

A huge improvement over the old DVD edition of this movie but unfortunately the film has suffered far too much digital noise reduction.

Jan 192010
Blu Ray Screencaps - Ghost

Blu ray screencaps from Ghost. Ghost features wonderful performances from the cast, Demi Moore plays Molly with Patrick Swayze as Sam and an Oscar winning performance from Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown.

Dec 242009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Kung Fu Panda

Blu Ray Film Review of Kung Fu Panda. Po the Panda works in his “fathers” restaurant but secretly yearns to learn martial arts and unwittingly by pure chance one day becomes the chosen one when the evil leopard Tai Lung escapes from prison and heads back home for revenge and so Po must fulfill his destiny and save his village and their way of life.

Dec 172009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Any Given Sunday

Blu Ray Film Review of Any Given Sunday. Tony D’Amato has spent his entire coaching career with the Miami Sharks American football club and is now worn out and tired and his best quarterback has just been injured at a crucial time of the season which results in a rookie quarterback being given the chance to shine. The rookie unfortunately does not listen very well to orders and the coach also has to deal with the new team owner who is secretly plotting major changes behind the scenes.

Dec 102009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Hollow Man

Blu Ray Film Review of Hollow Man. Scientists working for a top military project try to uncover the secrets of invisibility. The research team manage to get it to work with animals but when tested on a human subject the experiment leads to insanity and before long murder. Scientist becomes pitted against scientist with survival the only prize.

Dec 072009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

Blu Ray Film Review of The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor. Rick and Evelyn O’Connell are now retired and very bored, their son Alex O’Connell is in China on an archaeological dig and uncovers the tomb of Emperor Han. When the British government invites the O’Connells to take a relic diamond to China little do they realise it can resurrect Emperor Han, onnly a cursed dagger can stop Han from awakening his long dead army and conquering the world. The O’Connells must stop Han, thus the battle between good and evil begins.

Dec 042009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Hellboy II: The Golden Army

Blu Ray Film Review of Hellboy II The Golden Army. The legend of the Golden Army was lost in the ashes of time but now from the darkness Prince Nuada has returned to seek the pieces of a magical crown which will give the wearer the power to activate and control the Golden Army. Nuada will use the Golden Army to wipe out human life so his people may rule the Earth. Talk to your plants more and give them baby bio or else they might decide to go on the rampage.

Nov 302009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Iron Man

A Blu Ray Film Review of Iron Man. Tony Stark is a playboy genius and while in Afghanistan demonstrating a new missile system which his company created his convoy is attacked and he is captured by Afghan rebel forces. He uses his knowledge and creativity to build an armoured suit to escape. On his return home he immediately halts all production of weapons of mass destruction and secretly begins working on a new armoured suit which he uses for good.

Nov 282009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Blu ray film reviews – X-Men Origins Wolverine. Major William Stryker recruits half brothers James Logan and Victor Creed into his mutant Team X program but after an attack on an African village where innocents are harmed Logan walks away from the team. Logan finds love and wants to live a normal life with his beautiful wife Kayla but his past as a member of Team X comes back to haunt him.

Nov 262009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - North By Northwest

Blu ray film reviews – North By Northwest. New York advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill is mistaken for a government agent called George Kaplan and is kidnapped by spies who intend to kill him. He narrowly escapes and goes on the run and meets a beautiful woman on a train who is somehow connected with the spies. Suspense, intrigue and adventure follow as Thornhill finds himself framed for murder and in danger at every turn as the good and bad guys try to capture him.

Nov 242009
Blu Ray Film Reviews - Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life

Blu ray film reviews – Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life. Lara Croft is hired by British intelligence to track down an orb which can lead to the mythical Pandora’s box, she must get to it before nasty Jonathan Reiss. Reiss sells killer viruses on the black market and hopes to sell the secrets hidden within Pandora’s box as the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, Lara must save humankind from the destruction that unleashing the secrets from Pandora would bring.