Jun 142013

Greystoke blu ray cover artworkComing soon to Blu ray is the fabulous Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes, that's a pretty long title but then it's a pretty good movie, it stars Christopher Lambert as the title character with a fine supporting cast, i particularly liked Ian Holm and Ralph Richardson, both portray their characters superbly, and although Andie MacDowell is in the film, her voice was dubbed by Glenn Close.

The name Tarzan is never actually used in Greystoke, i would say that unlike many of today's films they don't have to spell out everything for the audience, i was moved by some of the early scenes in Africa among the apes, some of these moments are very touching and tender.

When the film moves away from Africa and re-locates to the UK we see the blossoming relationship between the Earl of Greystoke, superbly played by Richardson, and Tarzan aka John Clayton, there is a parallel taking place with Richardson's Earl becoming the same father figure to Tarzan that his ape father, Kerchak, was back in the jungles of Africa.

I think the cinematography in Greystoke is magnificent, the music score superb and the storyline engrossing, it's a fine film which did respectable box office back in 1984, i'm a little surprised they didn't wait until 2014 to release it on the 30th anniversary but the sooner the better, they filmed some of the movie at Floors Castle over in Kelso, that's in the Scottish Borders where i live, in fact Kelso is just ten miles away from me, a very beautiful town.

Hugh Hudson directed the movie, this is the international theatrical version of Greystoke, it's a longer and slightly different cut of the film than North America got, it's a fascinating film and although it is not completely accurate to the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel, it takes liberties, it is closer than anyone else has managed to film.

Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes is out on blu ray soon, June 25th is the official release date, you can order this Warner Bros region free release at Amazon by clicking here.