Optoma HD50 Final Thoughts!


Optoma HD50 Final Thoughts.

Before i give my final thoughts be aware that a very small percentage of the population suffer from an issue known as the rainbow effect, sometimes referred to as RBE, they see flashes of red, green or blue onscreen while a movie plays on their DLP one chip projector, it can be visible when there is a white area against a dark background, for example end movie titles, it can be spotted more clearly with black and white films, DLP uses a spinning colour wheel to create the colours and some people can see it working, i personally cannot see the rainbow effect even on slow spinning colour wheels, i am totally immune and that is why i do not mention rainbow issues in this review, demo a projector before you buy just in case you are susceptible to RBE.

I felt the Optoma HD50 has a lot going for it, the price is about right, it has a good range of features and for the money it’s build quality is nice, i liked the fact it was easy to calibrate, a two point white balance is very handy and all projectors should offer this, the projector was bright enough after 180hrs of use to use it in Eco mode and still achieve 16ft lambert brightness, the pure engine motion is not for me when viewing films but i feel it works brilliantly when watching video shot camcorder footage of the cat, i gotta say cat’s are more cool than the Fonz and boy do they know it, pure engine motion works great on fast moving sports broadcasts too, i do have major niggles over the 3D brightness and a minor niggle on dynamic black and overall lens sharpness.

At this point i was going to provide some calibration settings but then i am reminded of how just a little bit of difference to a rooms setup, a minor amount of light leaking in, slight variations in each projector, even among the same brand, differences in screen size, material and screen gain, bulb hours and usage and really there is no point since my settings could in fact end up making anyone else’s projector look worse rather than better.

I think Optoma are moving in the right direction, dynamic black has improved year upon year, hopefully at some point it is made perfect or close to perfect, i hope the 2015 replacement model due out later in the year improves dynamic black and also improves natural lens sharpness with pure engine switched off and most of all i hope 3D brightness is addressed as i felt, because i enjoy 3D films, that it was a problem on the Optoma HD50.

A back view of the Optoma HD50.



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