Optoma HD50 3D Calibration!


Optoma HD50 3D Calibration.

For 3D calibration i set the projector to User mode, Auto Colourspace, D65 HDTV colour temperature and a Film Gamma curve of 2.4, i had already written down my 2D settings because you cannot choose HDTV and save 3D settings and 2D settings, you need to change HDTV to one of the other modes, i consider this a flaw which could easily be fixed via firmware, naturally i also set brightness, contrast, sharpness and check for white and colour clipping as seen through the Optoma ZF2100 RF 3D glasses, as with 2D i set brilliant colour to 1 because all it does is make the image quality worse with a green hue and add potential noise.

You can check out the uncalibrated greyscale performance below.


The green is overpowering in the uncalibrated state, not enough red and blue is down by a considerable margin, my calibration will seek to iron out these problems using the two point white balance control.

To calibrate in 3D you need to switch on the 3D glasses, to this end make sure they are well charged, you then attach the glasses to the i1 Display Pro 3 which is on a tripod, this is tricky but good strong tape comes in handy, the measurements above were taken with the glasses on the meter and the calibration to fix those errors took a lot more time than i expected, the aim is to have excellent greyscale in 3D.

Calibrated greyscale performance.


The greyscale was very good, now if i can calibrate the colours the way i want then i should have a very natural looking 3D image which matches closely the 2D image, time to enter the CMS and calibrate.

Calibrated Colour Performance in 3D.


As you can see the colours are not perfect, red, green, yellow and magenta all pulled in great but there was a slight undersaturation to blue and cyan, the hue on cyan was also down, this was still a massive difference to uncalibrated colour performance, with time and effort i feel i could have improved cyan more.

The ZF2100 RF 3D glasses let in 17% of the original light, in other words you lose a lot of light when viewing in 3D, around 83%, this is not uncommon among all projector brands using active shutter technology.  3D loses a lot of brightness but it is Full HD 3D.  Click here for my thoughts on the Optoma HD50 Image Quality.

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