May 272013

Cover artwork for the blu ray release of The Star ChamberI remember watching The Star Chamber years ago on television, i found it to be a pretty entertaining film, it's about a judge, played by Michael Douglas.

Douglas is forced to dismiss charges against a criminal who is guilty of a very bad crime, another judge who is his friend, can see how much anguish this causes him, and invites him to join a secret organization of judges who meet in private to pass sentence after court has ended.

The judges hire hitmen to kill those deemed guilty but found not guilty in the belief they are serving society by making sure the criminals never commit any crime ever again, would you take a seat in The Star Chamber! 

The film poses questions about the justice system and is still relevant today, how many of us have read about soft sentences passed down upon people who have committed heinous acts of violence or murder and thought to ourselves that something needs to be done, that the law needs to change, that these people should not be able to live their life while their victim is maimed or dead.

In the above circumstances can vigilante justice ever be right, of course the film also serves to entertain and the Michael Douglas character makes his choice about right and wrong and the morality of the situation at the end of the film.

The film features some fine supporting actors, you will recognize them even if you don't know their names, faces like Hal Holbrook, Sharon Gless, Yaphet Kotto and James Sikking. 

Peter Hyams directed the film, he has made some good movies over the years, he also has an eye for the camera and often doubles up as the director of cinematography, a few of his better films are Outland, 2010, The Presidio, Narrow Margin, Timecop, The Relic and End Of Days, a multi-talented guy, he also wrote the screenplay for The Star Chamber along with some of the other movies listed above.

The cover artwork for many blu ray releases seems to get worse, who are they hiring to do this, they should just give us the original artwork instead of these hatchet jobs, by putting a gun in the hands of Michael Douglas they appear to want to make the film look like an action flick, it isn't, the original poster artwork was far more moody and suited the film better.

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