Oct 312013

Movie News-Three Days To Kill

Movie News-Three Days To Kill  -  Amber Heard Picture​Three Days to Kill stars Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, Connie Nielsen and Hailee Steinfeld, the film was shot in France and Serbia using the Arri Alexa Plus camera system, even if the film turns out bad you can expect it to look great.

Kevin Costner plays Ethan Runner, an agent who works for the American secret service as a hit man, he is dying of a terminal illness and decides it's time to reconnect with his daughter, the good news is they have an experimental drug which could save his life, the bad news is they will only give it to him if he completes one last assignment for them, this involves taking down a top terrorist, so with daughter in tow he sets out to complete his mission.

This could be a very good movie, it's written and produced by Luc Besson who knows a thing or two about assassins, he penned La Femme Nikita and Leon aka The Professional, unlike those two films this one will likely be a PG-13 rated movie, that is a bit of a shame, an R rating might be better, hopefully that won't stop it from being fun, i think it will be good to see Costner back in an action flick.

The movie news that some people won't like is that McG is directing, for some reason he stirs up a lot of hatred among film fans, only Michael Bay gets worse, i'm not sure why because personally i enjoyed Charlie's Angels and Terminator Salvation and Supernatural is a good television series, coincidentally McG also produces the new version of Nikita for television, that no doubt gave him and Besson something to talk about when he was hired to direct this film.

I hope for good things from this film and i am prepared to give it a chance, maybe it will end up being your typical overblown Hollywood production that features blowing things up for entertainment, or just maybe it will have some fun dialogue, a witty script AND blows things up, we won't have long to wait for the answer.

Three Days To Kill opens first in the USA on Valentine's Day, February 2014.

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