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Megan Denise Fox was born on May 16th 1986 in Rockwood, Tennessee, USA.

Megan has a fear of flying and the dark, both are not that uncommon, her natural hair colour is brown but she often dyes it black.

Megan Fox stars alongside Shia LaBeouf in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and can also be seen in the horror film Jennifer's Body.  She is being touted to replace Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in a reboot of Tomb Raider and can also be seen in the action/horror film Jonah Hex with Josh Brolin. 

Jonah Hex is set during the American civil war in the wild west and is about a bounty hunter who tracks a voodoo practitioner who is trying to raise an army of the undead in order to beat the south, the movie flopped at the box office but has picked up an audience on dvd and blu ray.

Megan will not be returning in Transformers 3, that's their loss as they replace her with a model who has barely acted before, she mentioned Hitler when talking about Michael Bay and producer Spielberg ordered her to be fired from the film, you can catch her in Passion Play, also watch out for her in Friends With Kids and The Dictator.

Megan Fox Selected Quotes Below.

"Women are expected to be conformist automatons in L.A. but in Britain you can be more yourself and people will take you on face value"

"I played with Barbies but I used to decapitate them. I used to take their heads off then dye their hair and do weird things"

"Hollywood is the most superficial thing you could possibly be a part of and if I weren't attractive I wouldn't be working at all"

"I don't trust male intentions, usually, because they don't approach me for intellectual conversation"

I've been afraid of the dark all my life. I leave the lights on all the time and if the light is off, I have to run across the room to get to the switch. I can't walk through a dark room. I'm afraid of what I can't see

Boys in their twenties are a waste of time. They have nothing to offer conversationally; they're immature. I feel like I have a better shot with someone in his thirties.

People assume that I'm really promiscuous. There's a difference between being very sexual and being promiscuous. I'm not promiscuous. I'm extraordinarily sexual within a monogamous relationship. Nothing's off-limits. But that has nothing to do with experiencing a lot of people. I've only had two boyfriends my whole life.

Women are expected to be conformist automatons in L.A. but in Britain you can be more yourself and people will take you on face value.

(On Michael Bay) He's like Napoleon and he wants to create this insane, infamous mad-man reputation. He wants to be like Hitler on his sets, and he is.

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