Aug 102010

Movie remakes are in fashion and hardly a week goes by without yet another being announced, now it's the turn of the 1972 thriller The Mechanic to get the remake treatment.

Jason Statham is starring in The Mechanic remake - Movie NewsIn the original version of The Mechanic, Charles Bronson played aging hitman Arthur Bishop who plans to retire but first he trains young protege Steve McKenna ( Jan Michael Vincent ) to take over his job, the problem is that Bishop killed McKenna's father, Bishop takes McKenna on a hit that doesn't go smoothly and the organization Bishop works for wants him dead, they assign Steve to do the hit, thats the basics of The Mechanic and the ending is superb. Hopefully they will keep the ending for this remake.

The film remake of The Mechanic see's action star Jason Statham taking on the Bronson role and Ben Foster playing McKenna, it appears to be following the plot of the original closely and the director is Simon West who has previously directed the first Tomb Raider movie and Con Air so if nothing else the action scenes should be exciting and extremely well choreographed.

Millennium Films who recently financed The Expendables is behind this new version and Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff who produced the original are also part of the producing team on the remake. CBS films has acquired the movie distribution rights for North America.

Producer Irvin Winkler who has been in the movie business 40 years said “The original was a big success, especially overseas where it has had a long life, MGM had the rights but nobody really saw it as the character study that we did, until Avi Lerner came in and financed it. A lot of independent companies were interested after we held a test screening, but I worked with CBS’s Amy Baer while she was at Columbia, and we trust each other. CBS needed a film, they held a screening on their own dime  that did even better than the first time, and there is a lot of enthusiasm.”

The Mechanic is scheduled to be released in America on the 15th of December 2010 and hopefully they will stay faithful to the original version while adding some new touches to the film.