Jul 312013
HD Comparison Images From Charade

HD Comparison images from Charade. The Criterion collection blu ray release of Charade and the Universal blu ray release of Charade were both created from a 35mm interpositive, they are identical in image quality, check the screencaps in the comparison out you will note a few specks here and there at exactly the same points on both discs.

Jun 172011
HD Comparison Images From Legend

HD Comparison from Legend. This is an HD comparison between the theatrical and directors cut editions of Legend. HD comparison images from Legend, Legend features Tom Cruise before he got his teeth capped, he comes across as likeable in the role of Jack and shows his potential in this film to be a leading man, Mia Sara is simply adorable as Lila, it’s a shame she never really got more starring roles.

Apr 092011
HD Comparison Images From Silent Hill

HD Comparison Images from Silent hill. The French edition of Silent Hill has inky black levels, much better disc compression with no visible artifacts ruining the presentation and skintones are less saturated, gone is the over the top orangey look that faces used to have, to me this is a huge improvement, i feel the inky black levels help improve detail, no more squinting at the screen trying to make things out, i believe this is how the film should look.

Mar 062011
HD Comparison Images From True Romance

HD comparison images from True Romance. True Romance features a star studded cast, Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette are the leads but you will no doubt recognize the likes of Dennis Hopper, Christopher Walken, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson, this is the unrated version of the film and features a little bit more violence than the cinema version, since this is an HD comparison, i’ll assume those who view this post know the plotline.

Jan 242011
HD Comparisons - Wild At Heart

Wild At Heart stars Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern and was directed by David Lynch, this is the UK edition of the film.

While listening to the movie whenever someone talks we get sound through all three front speakers instead of just the center channel, this happens on both the MGM dvd and blu ray editions, i have been informed that the USA dvd edition had a mild echo effect with dialogue at a much lower volume from the left and right speakers.

Tthis version still sounds very good to my ears.

Click the picture to see a detailed blu ray/dvd comparison.

Oct 252010
HD Comparisons - Beauty And The Beast

HD Comparisons – Beauty And The Beast. If Walt Disney was alive in 1991 he would have been very proud of this film, the only animated film to date to receive a best picture Oscar nomination, it’s a fantastic film with some truly memorable songs.

Oct 062010
HD Comparisons - Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life

HD Comparisons – Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life. I felt the image quality was good without ever being outstanding, i feel if they had made a brand new 4K scan from a pristine film negative and used a BD-50 disc then this would have been a superb release.

Sep 222010
HD Comparisons – King Kong (1933)

HD Comparisons – King Kong. (1933) The dvd edition of King Kong was zoomed in and the blu ray shows more of the image, some pops and speckles and hairs on the print have been fixed and i imagine Warner had someone doing scratch removal by hand.

Sep 202010
HD Comparisons - Avatar

An HD comparison between the standard dvd edition of Avatar and the blu ray edition, just hover your mouse over the images to see the difference between both versions. This Avatar movie comparison is intended to highlight the additional detail of blu ray.