Jun 172011

HD comparison images from Legend, this blu ray/dvd comparison is between the theatrical and directors cut editions.  

Legend features an early appearance from Tom Cruise, before he got his teeth capped for Top Gun, he comes across as likeable in the role of Jack and shows his potential in this film to be a leading man, Mia Sara is simply adorable as Lila, it's a shame she never really got more starring roles, a little known fact is she used to live in the Scottish Borders with her husband at that time, Jason Connery, they are now divorced, i think Tim Curry plays the role of Darkness with delicious relish, you can tell he is loving the part to bits and he is well suited to the role in question.

Ridley Scott had to recut this film for American audiences, what we have on show here is the original answer print and his preferred cut of the movie, the answer print has the correct colour and i do not understand why the studio chose to alter it for the shorter version, it's unfortunate also that the shorter version also has a little too much sharpening applied to it, the longer cut of the film is the one i like to watch as it makes more sense and has Jerry Goldsmith's original fabulous music score, this is an enjoyable fantasy fairytale, the type of film that does not really get made these days.

Mouse on and off the images below to see the differences, mouse on is the directors cut, mouse off is the theatrical shorter version, allow time for your browser to load both images, your internet speed and how busy the servers and how many people are accessing the page when you visit will determine how fast images load, at peak internet times this will be slower. so you have to allow more time for the images to load into the browser.

HD Comparison images from Legend - comparison 1

HD Comparison images from Legend - comparison 2

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