Panasonic HDC SD600 3MOS Camcorder

Panasonic HDC SD600 3MOS Camcorder. I shot some high definiton camcorder footage a few days ago, i used a Panasonic HDC SD600 with a B+W 49mm S03 MRC Nano Coated Kaeseman circular Polarizer Filter attached, i needed to buy a 46mm to 49mm step up ring to attach the filter, now i can shoot through windows without reflections or into water. One of the big plus points for me is that this camcorder shoots 1920×1080 at 50fps/progressive at 28mbp/s, you don’t get any of the issues associated with interlaced video, i’m also pleased to see that Sony Vegas 11 now comes with the ability to edit footage shot in this mode.

Laser Projectors

Laser Projectors. Sony have announced a laser projector intended for future home cinema viewing. Sony announced a new laser light source module suitable for cinema projection consisting of three lasers for red, green and blue. An exciting new laser projector could be the RedRay 4K projector, picture above, which is 3D ready and will cost $10,000.

Bush HD Freesat Receiver

At the moment you can get Channel 4, BBC and BBC 1, STV, NHK World and ITV 1 transmitting in high definition but Channel 5 have signalled their intent to transmit free to air HD programming. I hope this will happen sometime during 2012.

BBC sports broadcasts look good in HD and they are transmitting more films on their HD channels although their low bitrate causes some image issues. Hopefully the BBC will listen to customer complaints and up their bitrate, really we need around 16 to 18mbp/s for really good quality. I actually sent a complaint to the BBC recently asking that they raise their bitrate back to previous levels and that they start transmitting all their films in HD.

Runco LED Projector

Runco LED projector news. LED Runco projectors do not lose light output and meet the REC 709 Blu Ray standard. LED projectors do not lose light output and for those with 2.35:1 screens you can buy an anamorphic lens and maximise the quality from scope movies. Partner with an Oppo Blu Ray player and subtitles can be easily moved to anywhere on the screen thus it’s the perfect scope set up for those who can afford it.