Jun 032013

Lifeforce blu ray cover artworkLifeforce was released to theaters in 1985, it cost $25m dollars to make, it's considered a box office disappointment but i remember liking it a lot, it's been many years since i saw it so perhaps my enjoyment of it will be different now, last time i watched it was on VHS but i was pleased to see the announcement that it would be released on blu ray on June 18th in North America by Shout Factory, it will contain the USA theatrical cut, running 101 minutes and the International longer cut of the movie which runs 116 minutes.

At this point i must add that i have not been that impressed by a few of the releases that Shout have put out, some of them look positively poor for blu ray and resemble SD upconverts, the good news is that if Shout's version disappoints then we may get a better version in the UK released by Arrow, that's coming in September, there is already an Italian release and to me it looks like a mixed bag, certainly more detail than the DVD version but i think it also looks like it came from an older HD master with some DNR being used.

:UPDATE: The UK release is the best version out on blu ray, it is superb and highly recommended.

Lifeforce is based on Colin Wilson's novel, The Space Vampires, that might seem a cheesy title for a film but i think it describes the movie perfectly and it's a shame they changed it, the plot has the space shuttle Churchill finding a very large spaceship hidden within the corona of Halley's comet, inside the craft they find many dead bat-like creatures and three perfectly preserved human bodies, they decide to transport the bodies to Earth but something goes badly wrong and it all gets very entertaining.  

Halley's comet last visited us in 1986 so it was all relevant back then, it won't revisit us again until 2061, i could be dead by then so i won't have to worry about vampires from space sucking my lifeforce from me and taking over the planet.

Tobe Hooper directed Lifeforce and personally supervised the new transfer and approved the Shout Factory release, you'll know Tobe as the man behind the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and ( allegedly ) Poltergeist, he had a three picture deal with Cannon films, apart from this one he also made an Invaders From Mars remake and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, the latter has a very good blu ray transfer, it's also cheap and you can buy it by clicking the highlighted text.  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 [Blu-ray]

Patrick Stewart is in the cast, one of his supporting roles before he found fame as Captain Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation, other familiar faces in the cast are Steve Railsback, Frank Finlay, Nicholas Ball, ( Hazel ) and Peter Firth, the most striking of the cast list is French actress Mathilda May, she wears no clothes at all for the entire movie, it's hard to imagine a Hollywood actress being so brave and taking on a role like this.

You can buy this first time on blu ray release of Lifeforce by clicking the text to the right – Lifeforce (Collector's Edition) [Blu-Ray/DVD Combo]