Jun 252010

My personal five worst movie sequels, these are the movies which i felt disappointed and didn't live up to the quality of the original movie. These films have their fans, but i'm not one of them.

Sequels have been around as long as film and you can go back to the 1930's and you will find sequels to King Kong, The Thin Man and Tarzan.

Take a look at my list below and see if you agree, feel free to post your own comments at the bottom of this post on the movie sequels which most disappointed you.

5) Speed 2

Speed 2 promotional artwork imageThe first film is fab and appropriately titled, along comes the sequel and Keanu Reeves turns it down, Sandra Bullock signs up but later admits she made a mistake, her character Annie Porter is now with cop, Alex Shaw, (Jason Patric) they take a vaction on a cruise ship but didn't bank on John Geiger, a computer genius who is after diamonds locked in the ships vault, Willem Dafoe plays Geiger.

This film has good direction, cinematography and a memorable music score but setting this aboard a slow moving cruise ship and then calling the film Speed 2 seems wrong to me, i felt there was no chemistry between Sandra and Patric, Dafoe's motives seemed poor and it didn't have the quality script that the original film had, it's a misfire.

I would love Sandra and Keanu to make Speed 3.

4) Jaws: The Revenge

Jaws: The Revenge promotional artwork imageJaws is a movie classic, it's sequel is ok and the third movie had 3D going for it, this fourth film in the series is just silly, they killed off Roy Scheiders Martin Brody character by saying he had a heart attack because he was so afraid of sharks, this insults the memory of the original film and i believe they did it because Scheider refused to do the movie.

We now have Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary reprising her role from the original) who thinks the shark is deliberately targetting her family because it killed her son Sean and is after her other son Michael and herself, to sum up the script in one word i would say it's dumb, ok thats two words, truly though this is a movie that destroys the memory of the original and has an extremely dumb script, the writer did very little work after this, i wonder why!

Jaws 3D is no classic but Jaws: The Revenge is atrocious.

Conan The Destroyer promotional artwork3) Conan The Destroyer

Conan The Barbarian has a raw powerful brutal quality about it with a truly fantastic music score by Basil Poledouris, the sequel replaces almost everything that made the original work so well and instead we get lame sidekicks and poorly placed humour and action scenes which are not that good.

Grace Jones plays Zula with no subtlety whatsoever, she has no acting ability, her model looks help her have some stature for a film like this but her acting skills are non-existant.

One thing i don't like about the Conan films is the animal cruelty, the first film had horsefall tripwire scenes and this sequel also has that and other cruelty scenes, it's a pity Arnold didn't flex those muscles to stop that happening.

I felt the acting, script and music score were all poor.

2) Howling II: Stirba – Werewolf Bitch

Howling 2 promotional artworkThe Howling is a werewolf classic with good atmosphere, acting, direction and fabulous werewolf transformations. Howling II is a poor sequel because it has none of the above.

The werewolves in this film bear no real resemblance to the creations in the first film and the atmosphere just isn't there.

Christopher Lee adds a touch of class to the proceedings and is a familiar face but even he overacts at times.

The music score is dreadful and creates no atmosphere.

The ending is lame and i don't consider this film a real werewolf movie, it disappoints and it's one to avoid or better yet get totally drunk and it might just work better and entertain you.

The book it's based on is better. ( yes i have read it )

1) Batman & Robin

Batman & Robin promotional artworkJoel Schumacher thought adding nipples to the batsuit was a good idea, well maybe in an alternate universe it might work but not this one. It just looks too camp.

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze is ok but i think Uma Thurman was wrong for the part of Poison Ivy and the action sequences lack excitement, the music score is over the top and it's an indulgent, excessive and overblown production.

George Clooney as Batman is ok but the script gives him nothing to work with and this whole film feels more like an updating of the camp sixties show. ( with better effects )

Gone are the dark and moody sets from the first two films and now everything is too bright, I feel too many characters are in the film, Batgirl is unnecessary and too many characters can affect the quality of the finished product.