Aug 042010

Daniel Craig image - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo remake newsThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is a novel by the late author Stieg Larsson, it forms part of his Millennium trilogy, the other two entries are The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest, all three were made into Swedish films, Hollywood is now remaking the first movie and should that gain a large enough audience and do well at the box office there is an option to make the sequels. David Fincher will be the director of the remake.

The Swedish title of the film is Män som hatar kvinnor which translates as Men Who Hate Women, the plotline involves a journalist called Mikael Blomkvist who publishes a magazine called Millennium, an article on a billionaire industrialist lands him in court on a libel charge, he loses the case and steps down as head of the magazine and is also sentenced to 3 months in jail, while mulling over the time he is going to serve Blomkvist is approached by Henrik Vanger the CEO of Vanger Enterprises who offers him an assignment.

Unbeknown to Blomkvist, Vanger had hired a private investigator to look into Blomkvist's entire history, the investigation was carried out by Lisbeth Salander, the title character of the book and movie. Vanger promises Blomkvist money and evidence that will prove the industrialist is really crooked, Blomkvist agrees to spend a year writing Vangers family history but he is really investigating the disappearance of Vangers great neice who vanished 40 years earlier, as Blomkvist digs deep he finds new evidence and murder is most definately in the air.

Daniel Craig has been signed to play Mikael Blomkvist with an option to return should adaptations of the other two books in the series get made, this will all depend on how well this film does at the box office. At the moment Mr Craig is working on Cowboys & Aliens.

David Fincher imageMGM finanical problems and the fact the studio has not yet been sold means the Bond movie franchise is currently in limbo, it's expected that the Bond producers may try and move house to another studio should the situation not resolve itself soon, the problem is still Daniel Craig finding time in his busy schedule to fit another 007 movie in, no doubt he will manage it and it also gives the Bond scriptwriters time to fine tune the script they have. Noomi Rapace stars in the Swedish version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, worth checking out and available to view now on blu ray.

As for the english language remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Steven Zaillian has written the screenplay, i personally am not much of a fan of his previous work which has included the very average Hannibal and the overrated Gangs Of New York, i did like his screenplay for The Interpreter and Schindler's List but Clear and Present Danger dragged a little and as far as Jack Ryan stories go is not a patch on the excellent The Hunt For Red October, having said all that it is an adaptation of a novel thus it's hardly his fault as he is just adapting the novel, same thing with Hannibal and how it turned out, the novel by all accounts is worse than the film.

The key to how The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo turns out will be in the casting of the main characters, Rooney Mara has been cast in the role of Lisbeth Salander, she was Nancy in the remake of A Nightmare On Elm Street.

You can expect to see the film hit cinemas in December 2011, thats a long wait but movies do take time to make and this film could end up being very special, maybe even a remake that is better than the original, time will tell.