Jun 142013
Out On Blu Ray - Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes

Out On Blu Ray – Greystoke: The Legend Of Tarzan, Lord Of The Apes. The cinematography is superb, the music score engaging and the storyline engrossing. I was moved by some of the early scenes in Africa among the apes, some of these moments are very touching and tender, it’s a fine film which did respectable box office back in 1984.

Jun 032013
First Time On Blu Ray - Lifeforce

First time on blu ray – Lifeforce. Lifeforce is based on Colin Wilson’s novel, The Space Vampires, the plot has the space shuttle Churchill finding a very large spaceship hidden within the corona of Halley’s comet The most striking of the cast list is French actress Mathilda May, she is naked for the entire movie, it’s hard to imagine a Hollywood actress being so brave and taking on a role like this.

May 312013
Oz The Great And Powerful On Blu Ray

Oz The Great And Powerful sets out to be a prequel to The Wizard Of Oz, it’s set twenty years before the events in that film. Oz was shot in 3D. Unlike North America, UK viewers will have a choice of viewing formats because we are able to buy a blu ray of Oz containing both the 2D and 3D editions of the film. The studio spent a fortune on the production and promotion of Oz and it will probably only go into profit after it’s home format debut.

May 272013
New Blu Ray Releases - The Star Chamber

The Star Chamber, it’s about a judge, played by Michael Douglas, who is forced to dismiss charges against a criminal who is guilty of a very bad crime, another judge who is his friend, can see how much anguish this causes him, and invites him to join a secret organization of judges who meet in private to pass sentence after court has ended, the judges hire hitmen to kill the criminals. The artwork for many blu ray releases seems to get worse, who are they hiring to do this, they should just give us the original artwork.

May 212013
Cleopatra Comes To Blu Ray In A 50th Anniversary Edition

Cleopatra was shot on 70mm film and it’s fabulous music score is by Alex North, it’s already had a blu ray release in the United Kingdom late last year, reviews were generally positive towards that blu ray but some people felt there were a few issues with the transfer, being a 70mm production it has the potential to look stunning and North American viewers will get the chance to view for themselves when it is released on blu ray on the 28th May 2013.

May 212013
Studio Ghibli On Blu Ray - Two More Releases

New Studio Ghibli releases on blu ray, Howl’s Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro, both films hit blu ray in North America for the very first time and feature dubbed english language versions and the original Japanese versions with subtitles, both are hugely enjoyable films.