Nov 222009

A Scene from the remake of Clash Of The TitansOut now is the remake of the 1981 film Clash Of The Titans. 

This is an adaptation of the classic love story of Perseus and Andromeda. 

This should have some good acting, fine CGI effects and quality action set pieces. 

I saw the original film many years ago and enjoyed it and despite some reservations about remakes i do look forward to this.

Harry Hamlin played Perseus in the eighties version and effects were by stop motion specialist Harry Ray Hausen.  Hausen also worked on the impressive Jason and the Argonauts and that is another film which Hollywood is in the planning stages to remake for a 2011 release.

This remake of Clash Of The Titans features Sam Worthington as Perseus and Brit actress Gemma Arterton as Andromeda and Liam Neeson as the God Zeus.

Worthington is quoted in a recent issue of Empire magazine as saying his character will be like Charles Bronson gunning for revenge and that a hero isn't someone who leads men but rather a hero is someone who is in the trench with the men.

For anyone who has not seen the original film this will feature witches, giant underwater sea creatures, three headed dogs, winged horses and the Medusa who has a stare that can turn you to stone. The trailer looks exciting and i'm looking forward to this film.

Other cast members include Ralph Fiennes, Danny Huston, Izabello Miko and the film is directed by Louis Leterrier who also directed Transporter 2 and Danny The Dog aka Invincible.

This film is being released in 3D even though it was not actually shot in 3D but the studio believes it can make more money since Avatar was shot in 3D and has been a huge box office hit. 

Some images from the film below.  Double click to close the image.

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