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Blu ray screencaps of Thelma And Louise.

Thelma and Louise is a road movie but also a film about two best friends who set out to discover themselves and escape from their usual monotonous tied down existence, they are not long into their trip when events take a turn for the worst when Thelma is almost raped and Louise kills the would be rapist, both have to go on the run with the police in hot pursuit, a lone FBI agent played by Harvey Keitel believes that the shooting of the rapist was an accident and that he can talk Thelma and Louise into giving themselves up before the police catch them and things really do spiral out of control, played out against some fantastic scenery and with a memorable music score, this is a great movie which can now be re-visited on blu ray.

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis were both nominated for best actress Oscars for Thelma and Louise, both lost out to Jodie Foster for her amazing performance as Clarice Starling in The Silence Of The Lambs, Ridley Scott was also nominated for best director but the lambs once again got it with Jonathan Demme winning the small gold statue, what is surprising is that Thelma and Louise never got a best film nomination. I saw this film twice on it's initial cinema release and i consider it to be among the best that Ridley Scott has directed. The film did win an Oscar for Callie Khouri, best writing, screenplay written directly for the screen.

Some people call Thelma and Louise a feminist film, i do not see it that way, it's about women unshackling themselves from how society perceives them and living life to the full, just think how many people stay in a damaging relationship where a partner walks all over them or cheats on them. How many people would like to get away for a month and have adventures but never do because they are held back by something or someone in their lives, Thelma and Louise explores those themes and does so in an enjoyable and moving way without ever patronising the viewer, it's not a male bashing film despite some reviewers claiming it to be.

Regarding image quality, i believe Ridley Scott approved this transfer and just like last years release of Alien the film has had a makeover and appears to be a brand new transfer, film grain is extremely light and for the most part the movie looks incredibly clean but remains highly detailed, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Lowry worked on the transfer, at this point i would usually moan a little about the loss of film texture, by that i mean that while i think the detail levels are high i also think the loss of some film grain means it tends to look a little too clean and modern at times, there is no edge enhancement, no waxiness, no real issues to speak of.

This release is highly detailed, it was shot anamorphic and as such there are softer lensed moments throughout the production although this is NOT DNR causing softness ( digital noise reduction at work ) this is just the camera lenses and the way the film was shot, the picture quality is high and looked very good to my eyes. The film may also have had an orange/teal makeover look applied to it, this seems to be a modern fad but Ridley Scott did the same to Alien and so it's probably director approved, hopefully in future years to come we will go back to the original cinematic look of many of these films.

Originally a Dolby 2.0 mix, the film has been remixed into lossless 5.1, it's a shame that with all the space on a blu ray disc that studio's are mostly ignoring the original soundtrack and only giving us an option of the remix, on this occasion though i really have no complaints about the sound quality which is very good and the music score sounds fabulous, speech is easy to hear and surrounds are used for ambience, it's all good but c'mon studio's give us the original soundtrack too.

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