Jan 252010

Blu ray screencaps from The Wizard Of Oz .

You can read my review for The Wizard Of Oz on Blu ray here.

I consider the image quality to be mostly excellent except for one particular isolated moment. This moment can be seen in blu ray screencap 6. Screencap 7 is the moment that follows those 20 bad seconds and as you can see the grain structure is back and the image is detailed, its been confirmed this is not an encoding issue, check the comments below this post for more information on why this scene looks the way it does.

I consider this an excellent release which retains it's film look on blu ray and comes packed with extra content. The extra content alone on this fabulous boxset makes the blu ray disc worth a purchase.

These high definition blu ray images are captured directly off the disc, to view the blu ray screencaps just click the picture.

Dorothy and Toto sing a song about rainbows in The Wizard Of OzDorothy is attracted to older men who wear silly hats - The Wizard Of OzToto wishes he had a pork sausage to eat in The Wizard Of OzI'll get you my pretty, You and your little dog - The Wizard Of OzCan i take you home with me and show momma asks Dorothy in The Wizard Of OzPssst tin man whatcha say we set the scarecrow on fire as its getting real cold - The Wizard Of OzI'm happy cos those magic mushrooms make me see giant candy sticks whoooo - The Wizard Of OzI prefer leopards says Dorothy to the cowardly lion in The Wizard Of OzNice hat but whatcha hiding under it asks Dorothy in The Wizard Of OzI wonder if the wizard will make me into a Heinz baked beans can - The Wizard Of OzI give you courage, arise Sir Lion - The Wizard Of OzDing dong the witch is dead - The Wizard Of OzI have a nice pussy - The Wizard Of OzI wonder what these ruby slippers will fetch on Ebay ponders Dorothy in The Wizard Of OzThis forest doesn't have any Jitterbugs no more so we're safe - The Wizard Of Oz