Feb 082010

Blu ray screencaps from The Strangers.

The Strangers cost $9 million dollars to make and grossed around $82 million worldwide. The film is an effective thriller with a good music score and sound mix.

The disc is not region coded and is released on the Universal label. Image quality has been widely praised although i was never blown away by what i was watching but it most likely represents the filmed source material. If your system is not properly calibrated you may spot some compression artifacts on walls and faces.

The disc file size is around 14.5GB and because of seamless branching is split into three separate chunks consisting of 9.48GB, 3.95GB and 1.14GB files. You get the original theatrical edition or an extended edition of the movie on this disc. The movie was shot using low grain Fuji film stock.

Sound quality was very good with constant use of the split surrounds. Speech was always clear and easy to hear. The subwoofer kicks in for some scenes and aids the music score and is very deep and aggressive. I feel a little filtering and grain removal has gone on in order to make the movie easier to encode at such a low file size. I do not think it impacts too much on this film but thats just my opinion.

View blu ray screencaps from The Strangers below.

Speedman wishes he was a vampire in The StrangersLiv Tyler looks bored in The StrangersLiv still looks pretty but bored in The StrangersScott Speedman images Liv is Kate Beckinsale in The StrangersLiv Tyler hopes Armageddon doesn't happen today in The StrangersLong camera shot from The StrangersThis knifes good for fixing the curtains in The StrangersDark gloomy frightening night in The StrangersSpeedman got a parking ticket and then got angry in The StrangersCan i drive this car wonders this actor from The StrangersBroken glass in The StrangersCreepy scene from The StrangersHome on the range in The StrangersDolls mask being worn by pyscho but this isn't the Bates motel itsThe StrangersDaytime scene from The Strangers