Jun 272013

Blu ray screencaps from The Invisible Man.

You can buy the UK edition of The Invisible Man here, or alternatively the USA version here, other than the cover artwork both are identical and region free, only the price is different, take your pick as it won't get better than this.

H.G. Wells is known for The War Of The Worlds and The Time Machine but he also wrote The Invisible Man, it's about a scientist who changes his bodies refractive index to air so it absorbs and reflects no light and thus becomes invisible, unfortunately he cannot reverse the procedure, the film version from 1933 is quite faithful to the original novel but the Dr Griffin of the book is amoral from the very start while in the movie version the drug makes him that way, it also does omit one main character and slightly changes the ending, the book ending is more brutal than the film version.  The movie is directed by British director James Whale, Mr Whale replaced Cyril Gardner and no doubt anyone reading this knows he also directed Frankenstein and it's sequel, i think he does a good job with this film.

The special effects in The Invisible Man are now a bit dated, you can occasionally see wires in some of the scenes where bottles, bikes and people are thrown about, i would not have complained if they had chosen to remove these wires since we are now seeing more detail than would have been visible on the original cinematic showing of the movie, unless you were very lucky theatrical screenings of 35mm prints could often be of lesser quality due to prints being played countless times and wear and tear taking it's toll, you also have to take into account the projectionist not focussing the image correctly, the latter, even today, happens a lot.

Film is analog so there are no pixels but if there were it would be anywhere between 3 million to 12 million pixels, it all depends on the film stock, camera optics and shooting conditions, blu ray has 2.1 million pixels, from this you can conclude that film has more detail but that does not tell the whole story, for this we have to look at lines of resolution, in a typical cinema today with an average 35mm print you will get around 750 lines of horizontal resolution, back in the 1930's it would be even less whereas blu ray has 1080 lines of horizontal resolution and this is why blu ray can sometimes show up detail not visible to moviegoers in the cinema edition.

Claude Rains stars as Dr Jack Griffin, The Invisible Man, and even though we never get to see him until the end of the film we still hear him talk, his voice is very distinct and recognizable and he seems to be having fun with his part.  Gloria Stuart might sound familiar to some people, she played old Rose in Titanic and plays Flora Cranley here, she is Griffin's love interest and the only one he really cares for, it was fun to see Miss Stuart in an early role.  The more eagle eyed viewers might spot a young John Carradine playing a Cockney informer, he was called Peter Richmond back then, over the years Carradine played small roles in countless horror films.

Regarding Universal's treatment of The Invisible Man, i think it's a good transfer, it's mostly sharp and detailed, but there are some inherent issues with softness due to the optical matte process and dupes, but this is just a handful of scenes, film grain is present and adds a nice cinematic feel to the proceedings, i detected a few instances where you can see some minor print damage that they have tried to clean up, i didn't consider this a big issue, i thought the film's lossless mono soundtrack was very good, dialogue and music comes across nice and clear at all times.  This is another excellent release from the Universal Monsters boxset.

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