Dec 222011

Blu ray screencaps from The Invasion.

You can buy The Invasion by clicking the highlighted link – The Invasion [Blu-ray]

The Invasion is more or less a remake of Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers but not quite as enthralling as i had hoped, i still enjoyed it but it's obvious that it had production difficulties and the ending was completely reshot by another director and feels tacked on.  I tend to enjoy Nicole Kidman films and she was good in this film.

I think it's a shame the director had the film taken away from him as i would have loved to have seen a more subtle and scary ending, as it is we have a more action orientated ending which will no doubt satisfy some people.

I think that the transfer is typical of early blu ray releases from Warner, they have tried to keep the bitrate just a touch too low and i suspect some minor filtering of the grain structure to achieve this, of course this will have an impact on the finest detail, you can view the movie screencaps and make your own mind up on image quality.

View blu ray screencaps of The Invasion below.

Nicole Kidman stars in The Invasion - Blu Ray ScreencapsNicole Kidman and Daniel Craig look worriedNicole Kidman tries to escape - Blu ray screencapsDaniel Craig has a gun pulled on himIdentification is shown -  BD screencapsNicole Kidman goes through some changesTroops arrive to help battle The InvasionWorried faces all around Nicole Kidman works at her desk Nicole Kidman with flashlightInterviewed by the pressPainful changes take place during The InvasionNicole Kidman tries to escape outdoors across the roadDaniel Craig looks super smooth Daniel Craig stares at Nicole KidmanKids at Halloween time are in for a shock thanks to The InvasionJeremy Northam looks creepyA dinner party sceneNicole Kidman drives a car with her son in the back Nicole Kidman tries to hide her emotions