Apr 142010

Blu ray screencaps of The Hurt Locker.

The Hurt Locker won six Oscars including best picture, best screenplay and best director for Kathryn Bigelow. The screenplay is by journalist Mark Boal who witnessed bomb dispoal units at work in Iraq and although liberties may have been taken i think it captures the feel of war. The story is told in almost documentary style and is rivetting from start to finish, the film follows a bomb squad unit in Iraq as they encounter many dangers while doing their tour of duty.

The actual film title has meaning and is slang for trouble and pain and in Iraq they speak of explosions sending you to the hurt locker.  I thought the acting was excellent and Miss Bigelow is a fantastic director who i first came across while watching the surfing action film Point Break many years ago.

The films main actors are Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty but there are also some well known actors who appear in the film, Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes, David Morse and Lost star Evangelline Lilly are among the most recognizable faces. If you examine the film too closely you will see a number of mistakes and errors but that is true of almost all films, the point i would make is that the film is captivating and its a shame the film never really made any money at the box office.

The image quality is in my opinion excellent, i spotted nothing which detracted from my viewing experience. I should point out this is a grainy film, deliberately so and i think it works in the films favour as the film grain gives it a grittier feel. I actually like film grain, some people do not, i feel it is an artistic thing and should be preserved on movies when they are transferred to Blu Ray, the grain is preserved here and at times it's heavy but i never found that distracting although others might.

The film was shot using a combination of HD cameras and Super 16mm cameras and the film grain is light to heavy but represents the cinema look of the film.

The sound mix is immersive and its really a superb mix with crystal clear speech, fabulous split surround sound and very deep bass, its an involving mix which impressed me. This disc is coded for region B only. Other versions around the world may look different. View blu ray screencaps of The Hurt Locker below.

Bomb disposal experts go to work in The Hurt LockerGuy Pearce prepares to suit up in The Hurt LockerSmoking around bombs is never a good idea but hey its The Hurt LockerAn Iraqi drives onto the wrong road in The Hurt LockerGood news, i got a suntan, bad news, theres a lots of bombs in the car - The Hurt LockerMilitary crew sets off an explosion from a distance in The Hurt LockerThe bomb squad meets other soldiers but are they friendly or foe! - The Hurt LockerTaking a breather in The Hurt LockerSnipers take aim in The Hurt LockerPeaceful times as sunset comes in The Hurt LockerDangerous situations around every corner in The Hurt LockerFab close up of a face in The Hurt LockerTaking a break and chilling out in The Hurt LockerFires blaze after a bomb blast in The Hurt LockerReflection time in The Hurt LockerGrainy night scene from The Hurt LockerPulling a gun on a stranger in Iraq is not recommended in The Hurt LockerSuicide bomber scene from The Hurt LockerBad thoughts can go through your head when you are a bomb disposal expert in The Hurt LockerEvangeline Lilly is looking a little lost in The Hurt LockerWearing a helmet to bed means a sore neck in the morning in The Hurt Locker