Jul 242013

Blu ray screencaps from The Bride Of Frankenstein.

Buy the UK edition of The Bride Of Frankenstein here or the USA edition here, both are identical in content, only the the cover artwork is different, both are region free.

After the success of the original Frankenstein the sequel was quickly put on a fast track by the studio but it ended up being delayed due to difficulties adapting the script, the director, James Whale, was unhappy with the script treatments, many screenwriters had a stab at writing the film, this isn't unusual, scripts get developed this way, the final results are what matters and they ended up being most impressive. The Bride Of Frankenstein isn't just a good sequel, it's a great sequel to the original horror classic, i'd go so far as to say it is one of the best sequels of all time, the sequel has Colin Clive reprising his role as Henry Frankenstein, Dwight Frye also returns as Karl who was the the hunchback assistant in the original movie, and of course there is Boris Karloff playing the iconic "monster" role.

The film starts with Mary Shelley, played by Elsa Lanchester, she also plays the bride, telling Lord Byron and Percy Shelley and the audience that there is more of the story to tell, at this point we go back to the end of Frankenstein and the story unfolds from there, i won't spoil it and reveal too much, the basic storyline has Henry Frankenstein's old mentor, Doctor Pretorius, visit him and propose they create new life, this time in the form of a woman, every time i see the scene where Karloff's "monster" meets the old hermit, i am reminded of Mel Brook's hilarious Young Frankenstein.

If you have ever seen Re-Animator you will know it was partly inspired by Frankenstein, the follow up to Re-Animator was called From Beyond and it has a character called Edward Pretorius in it, another nod this time to The Bride Of Frankenstein, both those films are available on blu ray and i highly recommend if you enjoy horror films and if you have a strong stomach and don't mind a bit of gore, now onto my BD impressions of The Bride Of Frankenstein.

The transfer for this Frankenstein sequel is excellent, i would qualify that by saying i think it's the best so far from the Universal Monsters Boxset, it's good to see that Universal have resisted their usual urge to scrub away film grain and apply too much edge sharpening, i consider the image on display here to be detailed and film like, the encode is very good too, no issues at all that i can see, contrast levels are impressive with nice inky black levels, of course you must understand that the clarity and detail on display is relevant to the film stock, camera, and lens technology of the day, don't for one moment think this is going to look like a modern day shot film or you will end up disappointed, i think it represents the source material and that's what i want from my blu ray film releases.

The sound quality is 2 channel mono, sound will come from your left and right speakers, not the center, i thought dialogue was clear, very little in the way of hiss and the music score comes across very nicely, this is a good soundtrack for a film from 1935, especially when you consider the audio elements they had to work with.

I am really pleased with this release. View some 1080p blu ray screencaps from The Bride Of Frankenstein below.

Elsa Lanchester is The Bride Of Frankenstein - 1080p Blu Ray ScreencapsHenry and Pretorious look at a bandaged bride - A scene from the blu ray of The Bride Of FrankensteinElizabeth knits in a scene from The Bride Of FrankensteinThe villagers cheer at the burned down windmill in The Bride Of FrankensteinA scene from the classic 1935 film - The Bride Of FrankensteinBoris Karloff in full make up in a scene from The Bride Of FrankensteinUpper crust society women look on in The Bride Of FrankensteinHenry Frankenstein in bed - a scene from The Bride Of FrankensteinElizabeth looking fearful for the future in The Bride Of FrankensteinDoctor Pretorious has an evil stare - A scene from The Bride Of FrankensteinHenry Frankensteins landlady opens the door - BD screencap from The Bride Of FrankensteinPretorious discusses his plans for creating life with Henry FrankensteinBoris Karloff's "monster" is wounded and hurt in The Bride Of FrankensteinAn old blind hermit cares for the "monster" in The Bride Of FrankensteinA happy "monster" in a scene from The Bride Of FrankensteinSome wine, candles and a skull in a scene from The Bride of FrankensteinPretorious opens the door for the "monster" in The Bride Of FrankensteinDr Henry Frankenstein looks disturbed in The Bride Of FrankensteinHenry embraces Elizabeth in The Bride Of FrankensteinPretorious and Frankenstein work in the lab - The Bride Of Frankenstein