Apr 162010

Blu ray screencaps of The Bourne Ultimatum.

This is the third movie in the series and finally sees Jason Bourne discover his true identity.

I think all the Bourne movies have kept to a high standard and this one would be a fitting end to the series if they decide to not make another one, Matt Damon does appear to have said he will not be making another one but in Hollywood money talks and perhaps if a good script is pushed Matt's way and enough money is offered to him he may well reconsider. If Matt does indeed not return they may reboot the franchise with a new actor and make a prequel.

There are some good action scenes and the fight between Bourne and Desh is exciting, i was pleased to see some of the characters from the previous film return.

The image quality is very good although i detected a compression issue in the dark background during one early scene, this was a really minor issue and didn't affect any other scenes on the disc. The film had an exciting sound mix with good deep bass, effective rear surround sound and clear centre channel speech.

It's a very good sound mix which will give your speakers a workout.

It was hard to get screencaps for this movie due to the fact the camera hardly ever stops moving, hopefully the caps give an idea of image quality. 

View blu ray screencaps of The Bourne Ultimatum below.

Jason Bourne is wounded but still deadly in The Bourne UltimatumThese guys are after Jason in The Bourne UltimatumClose up of a notepad in The Bourne UltimatumSipping a cup of tea and discussing spy movies in The Bourne UltimatumExplosive scene from The Bourne UltimatumDeep in reflection - The Bourne UltimatumTechnology keeps tab on Jason Bourne - The Bourne UltimatumTender moment from The Bourne UltimatumJason Bourne finds out who he really is in The Bourne UltimatumDeadly assassins are eveywhere if you are a spy - The Bourne UltimatumA journalist digs too deep in The Bourne UltimatumScott Glen in The Bourne UltimatumJason Bourne is looking for answers in The Bourne UltimatumA clue is found in The Bourne UltimatumJulia Stiles in The Bourne UltimatumThe control room in The Bourne UltimatumAlbert Finney made Jason what he is in The Bourne UltimatumJason Bourne pulls his gun in The Bourne Ultimatum