Apr 192010

Blu ray screencaps of Star Trek.

An interesting story is that actor Matt Damon phoned the director J.J. Abrams as he thought he was being considered for the role of James T. Kirk, Abrams promptly put him right by saying in none too flattering terms that he was too old for the part.

As i point out in my review which you can read by clicking here, this film has nods to the original sixties series and the later eighties movie series. I got more enjoyment out of the film due to these small nods to the original shows but they have been smart enough to not make it too obvious and you can enjoy the film without having seen the television series or later films. My BD impressions of the disc are that this blu ray is representative of the original filmed look.

Image quality is excellent, fine detail is very high and i found no issues with the transfer, you get constant use of lens flare which is a blue streak across the image and is deliberate, some might say its a little over used but i had no problem with it, the occasional soft focus image is thrown in but once again thats a deliberate cinematography choice taken by the film makers.  Some people absolutely hate lens flare but it's an artistic choice and in my opinion it must be respected.

Sound quality is very good but i felt the bass, while very good, could have gone just a tiny bit deeper.  View blu ray screencaps of Star Trek below.

Nero has plans for the federation in Star TrekSpock has some issues to deal with in Star TrekA dramatic vision of the future in Star TrekKirk and Bones look out the window in Star trekVulcan is under danger in Star TrekOnboard the Starship Enterprise in Star TrekThe Enterprise is built in Star TrekKirk and Spock clash in Star TrekStarships prepare for warp in Star TrekKirk and Sulu have a narrow escape in Star TrekNero plots in Star TrekSpock ponders his future in Star TrekCaptain Pike is tortured in Star TrekCreature attacks Kirk in Star TrekOld Spock meets young Kirk in Star TrekKirk prepares to beam out while Spock kisses Uhura in Star TrekRomulans show no mercy in Star TrekLeonard Nimoy as old Spock and Chris Pine as young Kirk in Star TrekUhura undresses in Star TrekKirk and Spock take action in Star TrekThe Federation Council discuss plans in Star Trek