Dec 072010

Blu ray screencaps of Smallville season 9 on the blu ray format.

Episode 13 of Smallville is centred around Valentine's Day and see's Lois fall under a spell and when Clark mentions he wants a more traditional relationship she dresses like she was living in the fifties and becomes totally besotted with Clark, poor Chloe also falls under the spell and Clark has to find a cure and fast, this episode is lighthearted to begin with but turns more serious near the end as Tess comes up against an infected Clark, In Episode 14, Clark and Faora ( Zod's wife ) investigate the disappearance of Vala, her sister, she has been kidnapped by a guy who was experimented on by the Kandorians, this episode is dark and has a surprise at the end of it, episode 15 has Lois and Clark escaping Metropolis for a romantic getaway, they are joined by Chloe and Oliver and the place they choose is a Scottish themed Inn, since i am Scottish i have to say the Scottish part was pretty stereotypical and the episode as a whole is probably the weakest of the series as a Silver Banshee is unleashed from an enchanted picture, it has Lois in some lingerie so it isn't all bad news but i felt it was a throwaway episode.

Image quality is as previously discussed ok but not as good as i believe the series could look if they were to put four episodes on each disc and increase the bitrate so that the compression could be slightly better, the sound quality could also be improved, it's ok but never really opens up or feels like a fully immersive 5.1 channel mix, being made for television probably means they have to mix the sound quicker and with less thought than if they were making a feature film.

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Thig gals fairy dust is potent in Smallville - Blu Ray ScreencapsClark is hungry in Smallville - blu ray screencapsZod watches in Smallville - blu ray screencapsTess takes a bath in Smallville - blu ray screencapsClark is under the influence of fairy dust and angry in Smallville - blu ray screencapsA Kandorian submits to Zod in Smallville - blu ray screencapsKandorians burn their dead - blu ray screencaps of smallvilleLois and Clark - blu ray screencaps of smallvilleOliver poses with his shirt off in Smallville - blu ray screencapsA kidnapped Kandorian - Smallville screencapsChloe gets close to Oliver in Smallville - blu ray screencapsLois reads the newspaper in Smallville -  blu ray screencaps

This guys a little looney in Smallville - blu ray screencaps Oliver and Chloe - blu ray screencaps of SmallvilleClark meets a doctor in the hospital - blu ray screencaps of SmallvilleNice hat! - blu ray screencaps of SmallvilleClark helps Zod in Smallville - blu ray screencapsFrozen but still alive in Smallville - blu ray screencaps Lois looks great in lingerie - blu ray screencaps of SmallvilleZod threatens Tess in Smallville - blu ray screencapsChloe is a little possessed in Smallville - blu ray screencapsA corpse is found in Smallville - blu ray screencapsThis woman looks for her Veet in Smallville - blu ray screencapsOliver gets a beating in Smallville - blu ray screencaps