May 132010

Saw 6 promotional poster imageBlu ray screencaps of Saw VI.

Saw VI was considered to be a disappointment at the box office where it came up against the surprise hit of the year, Paranormal Activity, because of it's relative failure the makers have decided that the next film will be made in 3D as they try and get the audience interested in the franchise again.

The film picks up where the last film ended and i felt it was an improvement on Saw V, there are some twists and surprises in this film, i recommend watching the end titles as there is another scene when the film titles end, this may give a clue as to the returning character in the next installment.

The Saw films have been pushed into the same category as Hostel with words tossed around like torture porn but i disagree, the Saw films have well written scripts and well thought out characters, there is substance and not just style to these films.

Jigsaw is not the usual two dimensional caricature, Tobin Bell brings some depth to his portrayal and the gore is a necessary part of the film and not just there to make the audience throw up.

Image quality on this release must be assessed with the understanding that the Saw films use very deliberate choices for the cinematography, this is not the typical eye candy that will be used to show off a new television but it represents the cinematic look of the movie, colours are over saturated, contrast levels are boosted, grain changes depending on the scene and sometimes the black level is inky black and at other times its lighter, detail levels were still good but sometimes limited by the photography used for the film. if you look closely you will see some compression artifacts on objects and backgrounds, i personally didn't find this a major issue.

Sound quality was also very good with all the speakers getting a good workout and the subwoofer kicking in during appropriate moments, its a good mix and adds much to the movie visuals. It will be interesting to see what they can do with 3D cameras on Saw – The Final Chapter.

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Let the games begin - blu ray screencaps of saw 6Jigsaw controls precedings from the grave - blu ray screencaps of saw 6Another body, another jigsaw - blu ray screencaps of saw 6A devious torture trap - blu ray screencaps of saw 6Could this be a clue! - blu ray screencaps of saw 6Jigsaw reveals his thoughts in a flashback - blu ray screencaps of saw 6Insurance companies don't like paying out - blu ray screencaps of saw 6A scared victim must escape to win her life - blu ray screencaps of saw 6Peeking through the keyhole - blu ray screencaps of saw 6Discussing the benefits of health insurance - blu ray screencaps of saw 6A terrifying torture trap brings death to another victim - blu ray screencaps of saw 6Jigsaws wife is determined to help her husband in death - blu ray screencaps of saw 6The doll returns but this time in person - blu ray screencaps of saw 6This detectives not one you want to mess with - blu ray screencaps of saw 6Jigsaw gets an autopsy - blu ray screencaps of saw 6