May 172013

Blu ray screencaps from Lawrence Of Arabia.

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Lawrence of Arabia is a classic feature film from 1962, directed by David Lean and starring Peter O'Toole in the title role, it features a cast of well known supporting actors, among which you will recognize Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn and Omar Shariff, the music score by Maurice Jarre is instantly recognizable, this blu ray features the restoration undertaken by Robert A Harris and Jim Painten and supervised by David Lean.

The movie received an 8K film scan, from this they created a 4K digital intermediate and it is this digital intermediate that you would have seen at cinema's in 2012, i'd fully expect to see a 4K blu ray within the next few years.

This is a fine reference quality blu ray transfer, you will note some issues which are inherent to the source, these are fine concentric lines in a pattern which at times resemble a fingerprint near the top of the frame, this is due to the extreme conditions of filming in the desert heat, the film emulsion literally got so hot it was melting and cracking, the rippling artifacts have been minimised in this new high definition version.

Lawrence Of Arabia has never looked or sounded as good as it does here, those with large screen projection systems will be over the moon, a classic film that has been treated with love and respect, enjoy the screencaps below and bear in mind that in motion the film looks fantastic, until they release a 4K version this is the best way to enjoy the movie in the home. View some blu ray screencaps of Lawrence Of Arabia below.

Remembering Lawrence in a scene from the start of the epic filmLawrence is briefed in an early scene from the movieLawrence learns to ride a camelLawrence and ally on their camels in the hot desert Lawrence and his ally take a break while still on their camelsHiding among the sand dunesLawrence and a British officer on camelsAnthony Quinn on horseback Peter O'Toole plays Lawrence to perfectionAn epic movie moment as seen through the lens of Freddie YoungA more relaxed moment in the tent as Lawrence negotiatesAlec Guinness with Peter O'Toole in the backgroundLawrence wanders among the sand at nightTwo boys sitting on the sandPeter O'Toole and Omar Sharif share words with each otherlawrence of arabia screencap image 16lawrence of arabia screencap 17lawrence of arabia screencap image 18lawrence of arabia screencap image 19lawrence of arabia screencap image 20Lawrence rides off in a classic movie scenelawrence of arabia screencap image 22Lawrence on camel by the sealawrence of arabia screencap image 24lawrence of arabia screencap image 25Lawrence on his camel points directions for his young helpersA classic sunset scene from Lawrence Of ArabiaAn interview with a reporterA train approaches in this classic movie sceneLawrence gets ready to blow the tracks as a train approaches