Apr 232010

Into The Blue release posterBlu ray screencaps of Into The Blue.

Into The Blue has a film plot that centres around divers who come across a sunken airplane that is full of drugs, they make a bad decision and decide to salvage the illicit cargo and then get in trouble when the person who owned the drugs finds out, they also have to contend with a treasure hunter who is not all he seems.

This particular film reminded me of another movie, that ones from 1977 and called The Deep, although this one is glossier and the bikinis are skimpier.  Paul Walker, Jessica Alba, Ashley Scott, Josh Brolin and Scott Caan all feature in this movie and do a good job. You can view a Jessica Alba picure gallery here.  Jessica Alba looks very good in a bikini.

A handful of scenes had some compression artifacts but I think these are minor issues and related to using a single BD layer and the MPEG 2 codec. I liked the sound mix on this movie, some effective channel panning and split surround sound, speech was always clear and there was also some nice deep bass in the movie.

Its a shame about the minor compression issues but i feel if they were to redo the transfer and use a BD-50 and the AVC codec then this could be a reference transfer. Its still really good. Into The Blue is on my minor issues list which you can view by clicking here.  You can view some blu ray screencaps of Into The Blue below.

Nice boats - Into The BlueThe plane is down - Into The BlueAirport meeting with old friends - Into The BlueThe deep blue sea has sharks - Into The BluePaul Walker looks for treasure - Into The BlueSiping cool drinks in the pool - Into The BlueUnderwater scene from Into The BlueJessica Alba goes Into The BlueThose goggles look shiny - Into The BlueSearching the sea - Into The BlueA confined space - Into The BlueNice sunset from Into The BlueHunting for treasure isn't easy underwater - Into The BlueAshley Scott distracts her visitors - Into The BlueScott Caan and Ashley Scott - Into The BlueJessica Alba brushes her teeth - Into The BlueJosh Brolin looks a little shifty - Into The BlueTense moment from Into The Blue