Apr 062010

Blu Ray Screencaps of Harts War.

This film is set during World War II in a German prisoner of war camp, among the cast members are Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell, Terrence Howard, Cole Hauser and Marcel Lures. Sam Worthington who has recently shot up the A list in Hollywood also has a part in this film. The cinematography by Alar Kivilo was excellent with good use of colours which impressed me.

The transfer to Blu Ray seemed good at first but as the movie went on i began to notice issues where the grain structure was not so well resolved and blocking was noticeable on some of the backgrounds, there was also some edge enhancement in some scenes. Overall the image was still good it just had some issues which i believe can be attributed to using the MPEG 2 codec. If you look at frame 16 you can see some of the edge enhancement which is visible on a small number of scenes. This was not a major problem during the movie but it is there.

There were scenes where the movie had a lovely detailed image with the grain structure being well resolved and then there would be scenes where the grain structure struggled to be resolved and would break up or become very noisy and ugly and i feel this is simply down to poor encoding of some scenes due to the use of MPEG 2 and a single layer Blu Ray. I do not think the film went through any major noise reduction process and i feel its just an inconsistent encode.

The audio was reasonable and i had nothing to complain about for this type of movie, speech and music all came across well and there was some deep bass moments and some surround sound that never really excited me but did the job that was asked of it. This particular Blu Ray disc is region coded B.

View blu ray screencaps of Harts War below. Click for the full HD image..

German officer in Harts WarFrozen soldier in Harts WarExplosive scene from Harts WarMarch to the prison camp from Harts WarSoldier in jeep from Harts Warlose up of a notebook from Harts WarBruce Willis in Harts WarSoldiers convene in Harts WarGermans discuss escape attempts in Harts WarClose up of soldiers face from Harts WarShot soldier in Harts War Terrence Howard from Harts WarSoldiers lined up at night from Harts WarAmerican football is a game which could get you shot if you are in a German POW camp - Harts WarTense moment from Harts WarGerman soldiers shoot a prisoner in Harts WarBruce Willis in a scene from Harts WarColin Farell talks to Terrence Howard in Harts War