Jan 222010

Blu ray screencaps from Godzilla.

This is the Hollywood remake of Godzilla and not the original Japanese version.

I found this movie entertaining despite the fact that i felt Matthew Broderick and Maria Pitillo were miscast.  I wasn't keen on the radiation aspect of the plot which uses French nuclear testing to explain Godzilla's size. I wish they had rewrote the script before making the movie.

The original plot was to have featured Godzilla as an ancient creature that protects the Earth and only awakens when the planet is threatened.  That film would have had Godzilla fighting some huge monsters in the same way the Japanese sequels and it's unfortunate they abandoned the idea because of cost issues. I would have personally loved the original idea.

This film is still enjoyable but i dislike the plot that explains Godzilla and i dislike the ending.

I think this transfer is good and represents the look of the original film well.  There is a new mastered in 4K edition that is more detailed and has a better high bitrate encode, i recommend this new edition over the old one seen here.

The disc is not region coded and will play on any blu ray player in the world.

View some blu ray screencaps from Godzilla below.

Matthew Broderick has worms in GodzillaMatthew Broderick can't believe Sarah Jessica Parker turned into GodzillaHey i am mad about you Mrs Simpson - Hank Azaria in GodzillaDeeper underground in GodzillaGodzilla runs from a pursuing armyMatthew Broderick still cannot believe they bought his acting skills for GodzillaI think i will marry a desperate housewife says a soldier in GodzillaJean Reno and the cast in GodzillaGodzillas young are hungry but Maria Pitillo forgets how to act scared Matthew and Maria sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g - At least thats what Matthew thought would happen in GodzillaJean Reno looks worried while Hank Azaria looks at his watch and wonders when teatime will arrive in GodzillaGodzilla gets angry Matthew wishes Sarah Jessica Parker was naked in the rain in GodzillaJean Reno sacks his agent in GodzillaJean renos sacked agent gets hired by Matthew Broderick in Godzilla