Feb 022010

Blu ray screencaps from G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra.  A Blu ray film review of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra can be found by clicking here.

My BD impressions of the film can be read in the movie review so i will concentrate on image quality here.

This film contains a lot of computer graphic effect shots and i thought the image quality for this type of film was excellent. I saw no compression issues or other problems with the transfer.  This is the type of film which many will consider eye candy. Check out frame 2 which is an impressive CGI shot.

Frame 5 is taken from the movie Black Hawk Down and the footage was re-used for this film.  View blu ray screencaps of G.I. Joe below.

Find me a razor and i will tell you where the gold is - G.I. Joe

Fantastic CGI shot from G.I. JoeDennis Quaid in holographic form in G.I. JoeUncharismatic actor tries to beat another<br /><br />
uncharismatic actor in G.I. JoeFootage from Black Hawk Down used in G.I.<br /><br />
JoeSienna Miller meets Dr Who in G.I. JoeIts the Planet Hoth from The Empire Strikes<br /><br />
Back in G.I. Joe - Now where is Luke ?Rachel Nichols covers up in G.I. JoeDennis Quaid took bad advice from his son<br /><br />
and<br /><br /><br />
 appears in G.I. JoeUnderwater scenes that do not thrill in G.I.<br /><br />
JoeThe G.I. Joe team take a walk Marlon tells his buddies a scary movie story<br /><br />
in G.I. Joe

Fantastic detail in this shot from G.I. Joe

CGI shot from G.I. JoeBad accent time from Jonathan Pryce in G.I.  Joe